Any other pregnant vet techs?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by ColoradoMomma, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Hi all!

    I am 31 weeks and going strong! Baby girl and I are doing quite well, and as I type this, she feels like she's channeling her inner marathon runner! :dog:

    I was just curious if there were any other vet techs/animal nurses in here! I work as a surgical vet tech and I'm currently in school working on a pre-vet degree with vet school in my sights (Though that may take a bit longer now! :lol:).

    As a surgical technician, I mostly work with animals healthy enough for surgery, so it's very rare that I am exposed to any particularly nasty drugs/diseases/anything like that. The biggest hazards I face are exposure to anesthetic gasses and aggressive patients, and our shifts are 10 hours long, so that has been a big struggle.

    My employer is a small, non-profit surgical clinic that is BEYOND supportive! Neither of the head veterinarians have had children, but our clinic manager just had a baby last year, and she has always acted as an advocate for me. Honestly, the hardest part for me has been having to take it easy. I really dislike having to ask for help lifting, or requesting shorter shifts, or avoiding handling situations that I would never have batted an eye at before considering the health and safety of my baby! I always used to pride myself on my fear-free handling of aggressive patients, but now I try to avoid handling aggressive patients at all, and it makes me crazy!! I can't wait to return to clinical work after maternity leave.

    Anyway, enough about me!
    To all my fellow technicians (or veterinarians!): what have you found to be the hardest part?? And is your employer supportive and accommodating? I'd love to hear your stories and thoughts about being pregnant on the job!
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    Oct 22, 2013
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    Thought I’d bump, hopefully some vet techs will come around. I had always wanted to be a vet or vet tech my whole life but I couldn’t stomach it :)

    Animal care is pretty much my life. I have so many types, including horses so I get what you mean about taking it easy. I strongly dislike having to wait for someone else to get those 50 lb feed bags lol. I cannot ride or train any of my 3 horses, which includes a 3 year old and a 10 month old weanling. I’m 20 weeks and I’m just dying to do all the heavy lifting and hands on work that comes with animal care taking. Ugh, sorry just a rant, but I’m sure you understand!

    Anyway hope you’re doing well!

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