Anyone else moving home before, or shortly after the baby is here?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Bournefree, Aug 28, 2009.

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    The gym equipment is definitely going lol!
    I absolutely agree with you about how hard it is to hold your tongue, i have been pushed virtually to the point of no return and only just managed to stop myself from telling her exactly what i think of her behaviour. The only thing stopping me is the fact that i know i'm above that and i refuse to lower myself to her level. The woman is double my age for heaven's sake, you'd think she'd know better!
    I just hope that it all works out in the end. It really does feel like one of those things where the ball starts to roll and you just have to go along for the ride and hope that it stops in a better place and that you're still whole by the end of it:wacko: At least we have people around us to support us, it really does make all the difference. Keep us updated on how things progress, i have my fingers and toes crossed for you xx
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    We are going through this just now.

    OH is in the forces and has been away from Feb to Aug, we put our house up for sale in May and sold it on day one. Sadly that sale fell through but the next day we got 3 more full asking price offers - so the house in Cornwall was sold and so I was to try and find a place to live in Scotland.

    Due to being poorly etc I have been staying with Mum since May anyway so once the contracts had exchanged in Cornwall I started looking in Scotland meanwhile travelling up and down to Cornwall packing and putting things in storage (we are moving back there early next year - long story).

    Our completion in Cornwall happened on the 17th Aug and on our place in Scotland on the 18th. The house up here needs a lot of work so we are all now staying with mum in her little flat and it's getting to be a nightmare - we all need some space.

    I can't wait for the new house to be finished so we can move in and get nesting, I just hope the baby holds on long enough.

    It has been really stressful trying to deal with 2 solicitors, 2 legal systems, sorting out what furniture is staying down south and what was coming up, what we need to buy for the new place etc but i am sure it will be worth it.

    My opinion is that if you know in the long run it will be best for your family you find the energy and resource to do it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    Im just visiting from 2nd trimester but we are moving on 10th September, which isnt too bad as i will only be 25 weeks so have plenty of time to settle in.

    The situation is not ideal though as we are giving up our 2 bedroom flat as we cant afford it anymore, and moving in with mother-in-law and OH's sister. It is a big house with 2 lounges and 3 bedrooms but we have so much stuff we are majorly downsizing.

    To add to this OH's sister and i hate each other and never speak. So im not going to feel at home there, which i have been quite upset about, and will have to try and be out all the time or stuck in our bedroom. I also had the nursery all planned out for our flat and now we have to share with Baby Jamie when he arrives and all his stuff! It is only for a year, but i want to feel at home with a new baby arriving.

    If this doesnt work out i have told OH i will move in with my mum, who is just down the road. Her house is a lot smaller but at least i would feel at home there. It has been a bit stressful trying to figure out where we were going to live, plus we have to move 3 hours away from where we are now. Also OH is working hard so i am left to do all the packing, but i cant lift half the boxes! But hopefully everything will work out ok. Oh and i too am having to move doctors/midwives/hospital, which is annoying as i had just figured out the hospital!

    Good luck with your moving!

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