Anyone have a ruptured corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

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    This will probably be a long one but on Monday 15th I got a positive clearblue 1-2 weeks and then On Tuesday 23rd I nearly collapsed in my garden then again in my downstairs toilet the pain was horrendous I had sweat dripping down my face and I was abit dizzy I called my doctor and he said I’f the pain don’t go in 5 minutes I need to get to a&e anyway it never went it got worse.. so my partner brought me to a&e they got me in and done my observations sent me back in the waiting room. Then about 25mins later (felt like hours) I was taken though to the back in a&e my blood pressure kept dropping very low so they got me in bed with my legs slightly tilited Up no change anyway they told me I would be getting a emergency scan in the morning because all the specialist songraphers went home . Anyway got admitted a doctor come and spoke to me done a internal everything was ok no bleeding from down below but I was very sensitive. She said it could be one of 3 things.
    A infection,baby has implanted in the wrong place or eptopic pregnancy. Anyway I went down for my scan at 11am I could tell by the screen it wasn’t good news I couldn’t see a baby or a sack or nothing what I could see looked like bubbles and some blue and red colours kept coming up anyway as I was walking out the room I see he had called a few other people to look at the scan results I just new it wasn’t good. I went back up to the ward in a state.. within 20 mins my room was full of doctors nurses and surgeons telling me I was having a eptopic pregnancy and I needed to go to theatre straight away they told me they would be taking my tube with the baby and asked me if I wanted baby cremated along with my tube etc so I signed all forms Ageering to surgery.

    when I woke up they told me there was no eptopic pregnancy my tubes where clear but my ovary had been bleeding so they managed to sort that out. I had 500ml of blood in my stomach They have diagnosed me with a ***ruptured corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy***

    they have told me I could still
    Be pregnant but they cannot locate the pregnancy it’s either to early or there going to need to investigate further. I think my hcg on Tuesday was 1500 I think I was around 4 weeks 4 days.
    I have a scan on Wednesday 1st of July to find the pregnancy I should be 5 weeks 5 days.

    anyone been though this please I need to see if I can find any positive stories! Apparently it’s quite rare to happen. I’ve been doing so much googling to find stories but I cannot find any .

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