Anyone partner had a vesectormy reversal on nhs

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Mammyjuls, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hi my husband had a versectomy and we now want to try for a baby and was wanting to now if anyone's partner has had vesectomy reversal on nhs as we don't have the Money to go private ( dos anyone now how much it is to go private in Tyne and Wear area ) ?????
    Ok I had a very bad pregnancy and very bad labour with my son and my son was very poorly ect ......
    So my husband had a versectomy as we did think at the time we did not want to go through it again the thing is my husband is deaf
    And he got it done when ower son was only very young
    The consultant we seen did not ask any questions to why he wanted it done or even as if we were sure or any think as the consultant could not be bothered because my husband was deaf and the consultant and my husband found it very hard to communicate so consultant just went ahead with it
    Now the consultant was quite rude and he said god ya you can just have it as he found it hard to communicate
    And I think surely we should of been asked if we were sure and why we wanted it done as really I think we should of been told to wait abit as the only reason was because of what I said earlier and think it was far to early for us to make that decision when every think was still very fresh also with the communication proberlams should the consultant not of said to make another appointment with an interpreter to make sure we should have it done and discus it for these reasons do you think we wil be able to get it reversed in nhs ??????? Can someone please help

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