anyone trying in December

Discussion in 'TTC Buddies' started by jacobs mummy, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Anyone waiting to try? we've set a date for when we can start trying.. which is december! seems like ages away. The reason we chose decmber is because of holidays already booked and financially... by september next year (which would be due date if i got BFP straight away) we'll have finished all loans.. and be completely debt free :happydance: (apart from mortgage) . Also Jacob will be starting pre school then and so i'd be off on maternity leave to take him each morning... so i better get :bfp: in december! no pressure!!!!! anyone else hoping this is going to be the month for them? or anyone planning around this time and monitoring their cycle at the moment? would be good to have someone to monitor with...:hugs:

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