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    Me and DD have a bedtime story every night, on putting her to bed one night last week I told her to pick the story she wanted whilst I went for a wee.

    I went into her room to see her standing at her book shelf in deep thought.

    Me: Are you ok Olivia, did you pick your story?
    DD: I don't want any of these ones, I want the one from the garden centre that I saw the last time
    Me: Which one from the garden centre?
    DD: The one that had the chickens on the front
    Me: Oh but that wasn't a story book poppet that was a book on how to keep chickens
    DD: Yeah I want that
    Me: But it's not a story book, ooooh how about this one (points at big shiny pink book)
    DD: No. I want the chicken book
    Me: Well we don't have the chicken book darling, and we don't need the chicken book because we don't have chickens
    DD: Then can you buy me some chickens for my birthday THEN can I have the chicken book
    Me :huh:

    She settled for Clara the cookie fairy in the end!

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