Appointments - with who and when?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Nefertare, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Nefertare

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    I'm really confused and hoping someone can help because the GPs and Hospital have been pretty useless.

    I found out I was pregnant at around 5 wks and made an appt with my GP. He did the referral letter to the hospital and I made an appt for around the 10 wk mark. At that appt last week I had the booking in stuff (forms etc), blood tests, urine sample and the dating scan which confirmed 10 weeks. My 20 wk scan is confirmed for 25 June at the same hospital.

    This was all at St Marys in Manchester. Then they told me to contact the community midwives. So i did that today and after much bother have got an appt on 6 May with them - but I don't know what for! I'm really really confused and the nice lady on the phone had the strongest chinese accent so I couldn't understand half of what she said...

    So is it right to have an appt then with the midwife? is this how it works - everyone tells me different things and no one is really explaining things, which I think is odd as I'm a first timer so you'd think it would be better for them if they were assured I knew what was going on! I seem to be having more appts and earlier than it says on most websites - can anyone offer any advice?!
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    I think this seems quite reasonable hun, so don't get too flustered.

    With me, I went to the Doc at 5 weeks and four weeks later I got a letter with a date for my booking in and dating scan at the maternity hospital. That appointment happened at about 11 weeks (though they thought I was 12).

    When I was there they told me to make an appointment with my community midwife at the local GP surgery for four weeks time.

    The hospital now will not see me again until I go into labour (we don't get a 20 week scan in Glasgow - but don't send me off on that rant!) unless anything is wrong.

    The community midwife will see me through my pregnancy, every four weeks or so, and then i think every two weeks nearer the end of the term. I think they take urine samples each visit and generally just make sure that the baby is growing correctly etc (by measuring the fundal height whcih they can do with your bump) They'll probably listen to the baby's heartbeat every so often as well.

    Hope this helps xxx
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    Its different everywhere over the country.
    Here you see your doctor to confirm the pregnancy & book in with the midwife at the recepiton.
    MW comes out & sees you around 7/8wks for booking in appt. Sends green notes off to hospital & recieve scan date thru post.
    Scan between 11-13wks & see a MW for bloods straight after scan.
    15wks- See MW for triple test & general check up
    24wks- See MW again for general check up
    28wks- See MW for bloods & checkup

    Then i see her at 30,32,34,36,37,38,39,40wks due to me having pre eclampsia in my last pregnancy.

    Normally it would be 32wks, 36wks (more bloods), 38wks, 40wks.

    Hope this helps. My MW also rights what weeks i have appts in my green notes.
  4. Reedy

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    Jul 2, 2008
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    I went to the docs at 5 weeks +2 then had my booking in appt with my mw at 8 weeks & then I got a letter for my dating scan which is next tuesday when I'll be 12 weeks +6 then I have my next midwife appt in May when i'll be 17 weeks x this is to test urine & also to listen to babys HB x
  5. Wendyk07

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    Didnt realise that there was no 20wk scan here. My MW(booking) appointment isnt until the 2nd June when i will be 13+1. Not sure whether i get a scan at the same appt or whether i get another appt for that. Its all so confusing when different things happen depending on where you live. :huh:

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