Are these boots too trendy??

Discussion in 'Beauty & Fashion' started by Armywife84, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Armywife84

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    I know the military trend was bigger last fall, and this year it's about the military coats. But military is one of those trends that will keep coming back.

    With that being said, cute (not overdone with all the bells and whistles) military boots are hard to find. These are by far the best I've seen yet. However, I'm wondering are these too trendy? I'm not sure if it's a piece that I'm still going to be wearing in my mid 30s, but I could get 3 years out of them.

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  2. Tanzibar83

    Tanzibar83 Guest

    Hey Armywife, I took your advice :D

    Wow look at the heels on those things, can you even walk in them? I used to buy those sort of shoes all the time but could never walk in them, hehe.

    They look really smart, I can imagine some skinny cargo pants with them or skirt and tights. I'd be a bit cautious about buying them at this time of year when snow is just around the corner, whats the grip like on them?
  3. paula181

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    I like them alot :thumbup:

  4. Armywife84

    Armywife84 Guest


    Oh I used to totter around in heels all the time in my late teens to early 20s! Lately, I've been sticking to flat knee high boots or flats.

    Cargo pants, very smart indeed! I have a darling off the shoulder camo sweatshirt that will go quite nicely with them.

    They are canvas so I'm a bit worried about tromping around in the snow with them on. It would have to be a precipitation free day. :dohh:

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