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    My next door neighbours are 2 brothers - one of which has a 2 year son who he has 3/4 times a week. While the little boy is there all he does is cry, his dad shouts, he cries and so on and so on.

    One morning (about 3 months ago) at 6am (after being woken up about 10 times throughout the night) i updated my FB status to "loves being woken up by someone elses crying baby" now, in hindsight, I perhaps shouldn't have written it but being pissed off after a sleepless night, i did!

    Anyway, next door neighbour basically threatened me last week.. saying he'd been told i'd been slagging his son off on FB etcetc that i was a fat bitch, he was gonna strangle my OH and that we should watch our backs.. might I add that this was at 10am in the morning and he looked off his head on something! Anyway i just shrugged it off and told him to sod off. Last night he knocked on the door and gave us a pack of nappies asking if they'd fit our LO.. OH said no but we're expecting another so could still take them, he shook OH's hand and that was that.

    Now, my friend has just come to take my LO out for a walk and my neighbours mum has just stopped her and told her I was a daft bitch, all babies cry and i better watch my back :dohh: she also warned that her son wasn't happy either.. funny that cos he seemed to make amends last night?! i'm in 2 minds whether to go and knock on and see what she's got to say... after all she knows where i live so why approah my friend, especially when she had my daughter with her ? What would you all do?

    p.s. it's not only the babies crying that is constant, they get up at 9am and have the music blaring so loud that i can hear their kitchen cupboards shaking upstairs, he's always arguing with whichever bird he's knocking off at the time.. i haven't bothered complaining cos it's their stepdad that owns the house!

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