at witts end - trying to potty train my 3 year old!!!!

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by nanomey, Jan 29, 2011.

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    ok dd has just turned 3... my other 2 dds potty trained at 2.5 and at 18months.
    last summer hols i decided it was dd3s time and within 3 weeks she was completely dry - but proberly once or twice a week we would have a poo accident!...
    anyway - 6 weeks later we moved house and 3 weeks after that i had a baby - well those reasons might have caused her to go back a little bit because next thing i collect her from nursery and they tell me she wet her knickers 4 times in a 3hr session and they ended up putting a pull up on her!...this happened all week and since then shes gone from having a pull up on for nursery (they asked me to send her in one after then) to basically all day - i try to incourage her to take them off and she goes mad ive also tried the tougher method and taken the pull ups away (but of course she'll need one at night) and she just wets her knickers... i know she can hold her bladder etc (when trained before she'd tell me she needed to go and once even waited 15min till we got to the loo!) its like shes just ultra lazy!!! when she poos in her pull up she hides and keeps saying 'no dont change me ive not poo'd!'
    any ideas (and the sticker chart doesnt work tried that lol - also tried bribing her with a horse ride - she LOVES horses and thats not working....) im at my witts end with her - maybe she'll be in pull ups till shes 18! :nope:
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    I think the moving house and baby probably has a lot to do with it but i wouldnt use pull ups..... i know its hard but thats not going to help i think if you want to do that then leave the whole toilet training a good few months and try again from scratch or take away the pull ups altogther (except at night obviously) and tell the nursery you do not want her in pull ups and if she wee's 4 times so be it. your LO wont feel as comfortable if she wets or soils her knickers and when she wets herself dont talk to her etc change her and dont make a big deal out of it, it could be a attention seeking thing which happened to a friend of mine with her LO she did the whole ignore/change/not make a deal out of it thing and it stopped x

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