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    Jun 9, 2019
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    I need a good carrier to take my baby on walks through the parks with the dogs. I'm a tough guy but I have issues with my spine. All the options I look up online all mention how great they are for the baby. That's very important but that's only one half of the equation. What about me? I need lumbar support. I am hoping to find a carrier that supports my back and allows me to carry the weight with good lumbar support. Weight and price doesn't matter. I'll give up whatever I need to to be able to afford it. Plus I sometimes walk with a 40 lbs vest on as part as my therapy. The weight helps keep my back well aligned. I doubt a carrier would way more than that.

    Also I'm not looking for one of those backpacks with the child behind. I want him in front of me if at all possible and cool so none of that non breathable farbic. Hoping to get over a year out of this carrier.
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    Hi I had a Lillebabe Carrier they go from newborn until about age 4 and can be used on your front or back and are great it you need lumber support

    I would recommend
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    Lillebaby 100% the lumbar support is a game changer they also have an open box sale at the moment
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    Have a look at wraps - they allow you to distribute the weight across greater areas and you can carry your baby in lots of different positions. They can be a bit awkward at first when you learn to tie them, but are by far the most versatile and comfortable as far as I can tell. They come in some awesome designs too - you can get Doctor Who, Star Wars and loads of others.

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