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Discussion in 'Paranormal' started by laura109, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Hi ladies for fun when expecting my dd we had a pregnancy reading and it was great! She predicted my daughters date to be born and gender correct.

    I decided to try a different lady this time as she was £12.95 slightly cheaper than suzy rayne. This lady was on google on the website below suzy her names jane. I already know im having a boy. Told at 14 & 19 weeks on separate scans that he was a boy. I did the reading as im due xmas eve & wanted to know when she predicted his birth etc.

    So you can imagine how disappointed i was when i opened it and she said im expecting a girl who will be born early and then went on to describe my little girls life till shes grown up. At the end of the email she told me she sees a boy in my future when my daughter (im supposedly carrying now) is 2.5. I can guarantee this is my last baby! So yes i foolishly wasted my money. She also said the name will begin with h but weve chosen a f name lol!!! Lesson well and truly learned.

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