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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by HappiestMom, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I thought I wasnt going to have any showers ..and now find out Im having three!!!

    One is being hosted here at my house in TN by our neighbor and her daughter..they knew I dont have any relatives here or close friends here so they were nice enough to offer and we are all super excited about will be just our friends from here..only 8 guests total...

    One is being hosted by my dads mom and my step mom in NC and will be my female relatives from both those parts of the family and I wont have any say over the guest list it'll just be whoever they invite which is fine with me..

    The other is gonna be hosted by my mom and her mom back at home in NC and will be all my female relatives from my moms side of the family..and two close friends of mine that I keep in touch with..

    So my question is mom asked if I wanted to invite some of my friends from school..that I was really good friends with..and they still live in town but I havent really seen them or talked to them other than just facebook for over 4-5 years!! I would love to see them again but I just feel weird about inviting them since I havent seen them in so long..all three of them have little girls ..I didnt go to their showers (wasnt invited because Im out of town) and just dont want them to think Im trying to rack up more gifts... should I just wait and go visit them after LO is born so they dont think I expect anything...or should I invite them?
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    Perhaps you could just let them know you are going to be in town and would love to see them while you are there?
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    I would say if you're not in contact with them much right now, then if you invite them you may look gift-grubby. Were these best friends, or just people you associated with from time to time? Because if they were best friends, you might could invite them. Either way I like the idea of sending them birth announcements after your LO is here... then they could choose to send a gift then. :) Hope this helps!

    Enjoy your showers!! I have one friend who has offered to do one for me but it'll be in a few months when I'm closer to 7-8 months pregnant. So we haven't given much thought to guest lists yet :)

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