Baby-Themed Family Feud!!! Please Answer!!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    When I had my first baby, we played baby-themed family feud at the baby shower and it was a hit! I got most of my questions from a baby forum like this on another website, but the thread was from 2011. Now there's a new baby on the way and the guest list has essentially the same people, so I wanted to ask fresh new questions and I'd appreciate your help!

    It would help me out greatly if you could please answer the below with the first option that pops into your minds!

    1.Name a kids’ movie parents are tired of watching / listening to

    2.Name something parents may have to bribe their kids to do

    3.Name a cartoon character parents find annoying

    4.What are some contentious parenting choices that parents may argue over in online forums?

    5.What costume would be inappropriate to see babies and toddlers trotting around in at Halloween?

    6.What's the worst toy to buy a new baby?

    7.Other than playing hide and seek, name a reason why a parent would hide from their child?

    8.Name something siblings often argue about

    9.Name something that a dad with two beautiful daughters would need

    10.Name a reason why a girl would be excited to have a new sister

    Thanks everyone! I will update with the top answers after we've reached a bunch of replies!

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