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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by tasha41, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Elyse is 5 weeks old, I'm sooo anxious to play with toys.. we play little games like peek-a-boo sorta and I blow raspberries on her tummy and give her eskimo kisses, I read to her, we watch Elmo on TV, I sing and dance with her.. but when can the toys start up? LOL..

    If anyone can give me a rundown of what they play with at various ages.. :)

    ie: right now she goes into her bouncy chair and stares at the toys on the toy bar (before falling asleep shortly after) and she stares at the toy bar when I put her on her playmat.

    I know she can't get into her Exersaucer for awhile.. I have the 1-2-3 Tea For Me?

    AND if you have links to online pages for your baby's favourite toys.. I'll love you forever!!

    :) Thanks !!
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    that age is a hard one because they don't really do much. Hannah didn't start batting at toys until around 2.5-3 months I'd say. She started holding small rattles around 3 months I'd say but it wasn't until 4 months that she really played. Her exersaucer has been a great toy for us (I'd send you a link but it's at least 6 years old--got it from MIL who has a 6 year old daughter). Hannah LOVED it though from 4-7ish months.

    Small rattles have been good, she liked those early on and still plays with them, small stuffed animals, anything really that she can touch and feel.
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    At a month or two you can put her on her back on a playmat with dangling toys. She might now "play" with them, but they have stimulating colors, and mine has an aqaurium/music thing...

    Jasmine liked her boucy chair too at that age...

    And I also played lots of baby einstein music cds...

    At about 3-4 months they can start going in their exersaucer iff they are strong ehough, I put jasmine in her jolly jumper too.

    I really dont actually have alot of toys... She likes playing with me, likes to be read to still, and still likes her playmat.
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    I put Helena in that same exersaucer close to 4 months, maybe a bit younger with a pillow underneath (which you aren't supposed to do! :rofl:)

    Helena likes to play with small stuffies, usually the tags on them :rofl: so a tag blanket would probably be a good thing to invest in! :)

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