Baby won't brush her teeth (and another problem too!)

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by xpatchx, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. xpatchx

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    Hey there!
    I'm wondering if any of you are having the problems I'm having with my LO getting her to let me brush her teeth?
    She's 9 months old. She got her first tooth at just under 5 months. She now has 9.
    At first she let me brush them, she seemed to quite like it, but now I have to have my OH pin her arms down just so I can brush them.

    At first she started shutting her mouth and moving away. I tried distracting her with toys, and noises, but no luck. I even tried giving her the brush to try for a bit but she just chews it.

    Then she started physically pushing the brush away. She hits, kicks, screams.

    It seems to be a horrible experience for her!

    Is anyone else having this trouble? Or have you had it? Is she gonna grow out of it?

    Also, totally unrelated topic, she hates being in her pram now. I have to take 2 bottles out with me when I go out for the journey to and from the destination on the bus, so she doesn't scream the bus down.

    Nothing makes her happy. Toys, food, nothing. I've even tried carrying her and she hates it. Is it cause she wants to crawl everywhere now? Will this continue till she can walk?

    ALSO (sorry) she shakes when she wakes up from naps. Not cold shakes cause she's always warm and the house is always warm, but she literally shakes and her teeth chatter too. Is she still likely to be cold or is it a comfort thing?
    She only does this after her day time naps, not in the morning
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    Tbh i know they say to brush them as soon as they get their first tooth but shes only 9 months old. I really wouldint worry about it. When my neice got to a certain age she seen people brush their teeth and she wanted to do the same and she evven became obbssesed with brushing her teeth lol xox
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    my son is 8 months and he is never impressed with having his teeth cleaned (he has 6), i just do a very quick brush and then let him play with the toothbrush. When I had my daughters they used to say to put toothpaste on your finger and rub it on their teeth - just having flouride in their mouth briefly helps the teeth so dont worry too much. I think it sounds like overall your LO is going through that wanting independance stage :hugs: my son has just started crawling and hates being carried now and I think its the same thing. :hugs:
  4. aliss

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    Mine won't stand a stroller either. I wear him on my back in the back carry and he looooves it. They get quite clingly around this age and when they are facing forward in a stroller, they don't see you & get irritated, iykwim? You might as well be in China :rofl: Mine can't crawl though so it could be that too. She'll want to crawl but of course doesn't understand why she can't at that moment.

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