~*~ BabyandBump's Secret Santa 2017 ~*~ PROFILES ~*~

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    You will receive a PM on Monday 23rd October - Please complete by then!

    Copy & paste the questions editing the answers to your own and post in this thread - NO CHAT!

    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - 8 & 9 yrs old

    Favourite foods - Spices, clean eating, dark chocolate, cherry

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, Vodka, cocktails

    Favourite character - Love sleeping beauty characters
    *This can be film or cartoon*

    Items I collect - Willow tree, glass ornaments
    *certain ornaments, frames, thimbles etc*

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Both, don't like floral or fruity that much
    *you may not have a shower?*

    Special interests - Fitness - Crossfit and strength training, outdoors, cycling
    *People may have an interest in wiccan, witchcraft, keeping fit etc*

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read
    *maybe you like loves stories, horror, a mixture*

    Favourite films & programmes - Saving private Ryan one of my favs, loves horrors, watch Eastenders and love tacky TV Saturdays (factor, Ant & Dec etc)

    Favourite room scent(s) - Cherry, baby powder, cotton smells, nag champa

    Favourite body scent(s) - White musk, anything musky really.

    Favourite colour(s) - Black but have pink hair

    Favourite shop - Disney, Debenhams, River Island, Yankee, Next

    Age - 37
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - I wear dermablends and number 7 makeup, I don't like bold. I get my nails done at the salon
    *you may like blinging your nails up, a love for eye shadows, have a certain style etc*

    Anything else? - .....
    *You may be on a diet, have other interests, have stuff you really would not like to receive like food gifts, any dislikes in food, fragrances ... anything ... like pink fluffy things, gothic, or anything else about you that may help*
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys, 4 years old and 3 months old

    Favourite foods - Chocolate lol

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, Gin, Red wine

    Favourite character - Don’t have one

    Items I collect - anything giraffe themed, clothes ornaments socks anything lol! Willow tree ornaments, Emma bridgewater items (well, my collection is 3 so far lol) and pandora charms.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? Yes but I don’t have a bath and would prefer not to receive face products

    Special interests - nothing in particular. I’m easily pleased! Does going to the loo without a child count?

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? Yes but have too many books piled up waiting already!

    Favourite films & programmes - all time favourite film is dirty dancing, also love Disney sword in the stone. TV is rarely on but I enjoy bake off and the apprentice

    Favourite room scent(s) - Anything spiced/cinnamon-y

    Favourite body scent(s) - Sweet scents. Fave perfumes for scent references are D&G light blue, prada candy and Ralph Lauren romance.

    Favourite colour(s) - Mustard and pink (not together lol)

    Favourite shop - RL women’s, Next, Debenhams,Yankee Candle, Starbucks and Costa :haha:

    Age - 25

    Makeup etc - I wear bare minerals and laura gellar mainly with a few bits of benefit and urban decay. I don’t do my nails often.

    Anything else? - I absolutely LOVE giraffes and anything to do with them!

    (Reading through this I have no idea what I’d buy if I was paired with me lol, sorry!)
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 1 boy, 4.5 years, and pregnant

    Favourite foods - Chocolate/sweets

    Favourite drinks - Obviously not drinking due to baby. I like hot chocolate!

    Favourite character - I like cute Disney things

    Items I collect - Nothing really! Cute socks?

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes, and have bath and shower

    Special interests - Baking

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I read crime novels/thrillers

    Favourite films & programmes - love moana at the moment :haha: titanic, beauty and the beast (animated one), family films generally too

    Favourite room scent(s) - Fresh/clean

    Favourite body scent(s) - anything sweet or flowery

    Favourite colour(s) - pink/yellow

    Favourite shop - primark :rofl:

    Age - 26

    Makeup etc - Wear the same pretty boring makeup every day, usually Rimmel. Adore nail varnish, love any colour

    Anything else? - no, I'm easy :lol: <3
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 6 - 13, 12, 9 and 2, and two angel girls

    Favourite foods - Sweet foods

    Favourite drinks - Malibu, don’t drink hot drinks at all

    Favourite character - Sleepong beauty, mickey

    Items I collect - Stationary.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I don’t really have time for long baths but who doesn’t like a bit of pampering

    Special interests - None.

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Chick lit. Think Sophie Kinsella and the like

    Favourite films & programmes - Chick lit, Eastenders, Geordie shore, teen mom uk, anything trashy and I’m there.

    Favourite room scents - fruity

    Favourite body Scents - fruity or floral

    Favourite colour(s) - Black

    Favourite shop - New look, Next, Primark, Disney

    Age - 32
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - I don’t wear it

    Anything else - I’m on a diet, lost 6kg in the past three weeks. Also studying at College.
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? -*Mum of 2. 6 year old ds and 3 year old dd.

    Favourite foods -*coffee chocolates, icecream... most things coffee flavoured.

    Favourite drinks -*iced coffee/ the iced frappes in costa especially the double chocolate ones.

    Favourite character -*sailor moon

    Items I collect -*stationery,

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? -*i do, but my skin usually doesnt.

    Special interests -*journaling/ bullet journaling.

    Allergies -*nope.

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? -*crime/ mystery stuff. Nothing too creepy though.

    Favourite films & programmes -*i tried typing out a lst of shows i enjoy but would be easier to say police shows, like chicago pd, dexter, svu.

    Favourite room scent(s) -*sweet scents like cupcakes and cookies

    Favourite body scent(s) -*notting hill english laundry, britney spears fantasy, vera wang princess.

    Favourite colour(s) -*grey

    Favourite shop -*errrrrm primark, poundshop, hobbycraft, paperchase and costa.

    Age -*29

    Makeup etc -*I wear no7 foundation , then whatever mascara i have, gel eyeliner pencil and a cream blush. Usually by whatever brand is cheapest/ the best colour/ given to me. Only thing i stick with is my foundation.

    Anything else? -*I am hoping we will eventually get married next year. So i am trying to get fit and loose some extra weight. Huge fan of beanie hats, playing music really loudly. Have just started a job after being home for 6.5 years but its only a casual job. I think thats it. Im quite boring really.
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    ~*~ BabyandBump's Secret Santa 2017 ~*~

    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of two girls 5+3

    Favourite foods - chocolate

    Favourite drinks - diet coke, tea (hate coffee)

    Favourite character - don't really have any

    Items I collect - nothing

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes. I mainly use hair products as it's really long, don't like anything too perfumed

    Special interests -

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read much

    Favourite films & programmes - made in Chelsea, real housewives

    Favourite room scent(s) - Vanilla

    Favourite body scent(s) - not too fussy

    Favourite colour(s) -
    House-Purple, Green.
    Me- mustard, Grey, Natural tones, stripes

    Favourite shop - Paperchase, next

    Age - 32
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - I wear minimal make up but use no7 conceler, powder and blusher. Need a top up of sponges and brushes ;-)

    Anything else?
    I am a real homely person. I don't go out or do myself up often. Love the simple things PJ's, Slippers, Socks, Stationary. I love woodland themes (also our Christmas decor)
    Would prefer no food gift unless chocolate, that will be well received :)
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys - 1.5 and 6

    Favourite foods - Chocolate and anything unhealthy!

    Favourite drinks - Prosecco, wine spritz, Pepsi max

    Favourite character - Not so much a favourite character but favourite film is grease

    Items I collect - None

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yep who doesn't love a pampered bath time

    Special interests - home interiors

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Anything chick lit

    Favourite films & programmes - Im really into weird serial killer/prison tv shows like Trevor McDonald etc

    Favourite room scent(s) - Anything citrus or fresh

    Favourite body scent(s) - anything really apart from nothing too floral.

    Favourite colour(s) - blush pink

    Favourite shop - Dorothy Perkins, Ikea haha

    Age - 25
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - I wear minimal makeup mainly for work so not a massive makeup person
    *you may like blinging your nails up, a love for eye shadows, have a certain style etc*

    Anything else? - nope :)
    *You may be on a diet, have other interests, have stuff you really would not like to receive like food gifts, any dislikes in food, fragrances ... anything ... like pink fluffy things, gothic, or anything else about you that may help*
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys - 6 and 3.5

    Favourite foods - Spicy, chocolate,

    Favourite drinks - Cherry Coke Zero, gin, presecco

    Favourite character - Don't really have one but I like Winnie the Pooh characters a lot

    Items I collect - nothing

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I like the idea of them but I never seem to get round to using them......

    Special interests - Musicals - big theater fan, but particularly musicals.

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I read loads and have very eclectic taste but don't like horror/ thrillers.

    Favourite films & programmes - I like a lot of historical/period dramas like Victoria and proper chick flicks like my best friends wedding

    Favourite room scent(s) - Clean scents like vanilla, nothing too sickly sweet

    Favourite body scent(s) - My fav perfumes for reference are flower by kendo and forbidden euphoria by CK

    Favourite colour(s) - Purple

    Favourite shop - I dont really anywhere in particular.

    Age - 31

    Makeup etc - minimal and subtle, wear a mix of number 7, benefit and Clinique

    Anything else? - Slimming world follower (2st lost in last 4 months), very much a home person.
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 girls - 6 & 2 yrs old

    Favourite foods - Chocolate (Daim& Bueno), Smarties and fruit

    Favourite drinks - Tea, hot chocolate, Irish cream, water

    Favourite character - Finding Nemo, BB-8 and Daryl Dixon

    Items I collect - Wax melts

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I love a good sweet or fruity bath!

    Special interests - I'm thinking of taking up crochet as a hobby, drawing, calligraphy.

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read

    Favourite films & programmes - The Walking Dead, all Pixar films

    Favourite room scent(s) - Cherry, vanilla, sweet things.

    Favourite body scent(s) - Sweet fruity (Britney/Beyonce-esque), Prada Candy, Hugo Boss woman, Elizabeth Arden Pretty.

    Favourite colour(s) - Pastels and monochrome

    Favourite shop - H&M, Primark, TK Maxx, B&M

    Age - 24

    Makeup etc - I wear Revolution, Rimmel, NYX, Bare minerals. Usually go for natural colours but beginning to add daring things to my collection! Nails aren't a huge deal for me.

    Anything else? - I like puzzle books (sudoku, crosswords etc) colouring. I prefer modern/contemporary styles over chic. I like ballads, pop and country music. Rom-coms, thrillers and horrors! Watch the odd war film.
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 little girls
    Sophie -6 Chloe -3

    Favourite foods - chicken korma, homemade steak pie yumm

    Favourite drinks - diet coke, green tea and the occasional glass of wine :haha:

    Favourite character - I love disney so all the princesses. Oh and alice from the new film

    Items I collect - I don't really collect anything except wax melts lol have a ridiculous obsession

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I rarely get the chance to habe a nice hot bubble bath so it's usually a shower. With my trusty dove bars of soap and scrunch and whichever shampoo I'm on at the time.

    Special interests - sewing, papercraft,

    Allergies - lavender lol gives me hives :dohh:

    Do you like to read? I love old fashioned romance, joan jonker books are amazing. Oh and christmas books. I Was in the works the other day and saw christmas novels however DD decides at that precise second she needed the toilet so will be visiting again soon

    Favourite films & programmes - not a chick flick person. Love my war films, and soaps and love animal planet and Nat geo wild

    Favourite room scent(s) - glade clean linen, and Yankee christmas or spicey/cinnamon scents

    Favourite body scent(s) - dolce & gabana light blue & gucci bamboo

    Favourite colour(s) - grey, mustard, teal

    Favourite shop - Disney, river island, boots, sterling mills, Yankee and home bargains

    Age - 25

    Makeup etc - I have a good complexion but have really sensitive skin so tend to never wear make up unless im going on a night out. If I feel like it might stick on mascara but very rarely

    Anything else? - I'm just a mumsy mum who survives on little sleep, always does the school run looking like I have birds nesting in my hair and has accepted the bags under my eyes are now permanent. Very easily pleased. The highlight of my day is once my little monkeys are in bed having a glass of wine sticking on a new wax melt and slipper socks and watching junk tv :hugs:
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Single mum to 3 girls, 6.5, 4 & 3

    Favourite foods - Mexican, Chinese, Chocolate (milk chocolate)

    Favourite drinks - Irn bru!

    Favourite character - All disney, especially Bambi and Winnie the Pooh.

    Items I collect - None.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes, especially fruity/sweet scented things.

    Special interests - Nothing in particular

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I can only seem to get into crime books. Karen Rose is my favourite, would actually like to read more than I do. Something I need to try harder to do!

    Favourite films & programmes - The Hunger games films, Divergent series, Harry potter... love action movies, thrillers, crime, comedy... Love most films tbh

    Favourite room scent(s) - Black Cherry!

    Favourite body scent(s) - Anything sweet

    Favourite colour(s) - Light blue

    Favourite shop - Next, Disney Store, Home bargains!

    Age - 29

    Makeup etc - I don't wear makeup at all. Ever. Get my eyebrows waxed every so often but other than that, I'm a plain Jane!

    Anything else - Would rather not receive makeup/beauty stuff as no doubt it would sit unused for years. Would also prefer not to receive chocolates as I can be very fussy so unless it is galaxy or plain old dairy milk I probably won't like it
  12. Rhio92

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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - 6 and 2

    Favourite foods - chocolate and sweets from around the world, spicy curry

    Favourite drinks - wine, proseseco, cocktails, iced coffee, hot chocolate

    Favourite character - Luna Lovegood (from Harry potter)

    Items I collect - candles, Harry Potter pictures/art

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yes, love bath and shower treats

    Special interests - Harry Potter, pole fitness, keeping fit, reading

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - yes, post apocolyptic fiction, teen fiction, Margaret Atwood. True ghost stories/local hauntings

    Favourite films & programmes - Harry potter, the hunger games, love a good chick flick, zombie films

    Favourite room scent(s) - vanilla, cinnamon, any christmassy scents

    Favourite body scent(s) - anything light and not too strong

    Favourite colour(s) - green, grey, just decorated the living room duck egg

    Favourite shop primark, New look

    Age - 25
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - rubbish with make up but love mail varnish

    Anything else? - team slytherin. Also I really really hate toffee and caramel.
  13. Bevziibubble

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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Daughter aged 5 and son aged 21 months

    Favourite foods -*chocolate, anything sweet

    Favourite drinks -*coffee, herbal tea

    Favourite character - Hello Kitty

    Items I collect -*nothing

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? -*yes, anything fruity or flowery

    Special interests -*walking, nature, outdoors.

    Allergies -*None

    Do you like to read? I read thrillers occasionally

    Favourite films & programmes - coronation street

    Favourite room scent(s) -*anything fruity or flowers

    Favourite body scent(s) -*White musk

    Favourite colour(s) -*purple and pink

    Favourite shop -*Disney store, cadbury store, Boots

    Age -*31

    Makeup etc -*I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow

    Anything else? -*Love being cosy at home but also love the outdoors and being out in nature.

  14. LoraLoo

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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum to 6 and 3 angels.

    Favourite foods - Cheese, savoury snacky things, chocolate (orange is my fave)

    Favourite drinks - prosecco, cider, baileys, diet coke. I dont like hot drinks.

    Favourite character - dont really have one!
    *This can be film or cartoon*

    Items I collect - no one particular thing but i love quirky handmade/crafted things, especially glass or wood.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - have both, cant have scented bath stuff though :(

    Special interests - Follow SW, love walking, geocaching, beaches, travelling.

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - love reading, like stories that keep you guessing and with a twist, particularly like Lee Child and Jo Nesbo but ill read pretty much anything.

    Favourite films & programmes - not a tv person much, loved broadchurch, love reality tv- stuff that i can just pick back up on if ive missed a few episodes.enjoy the bear grylls survival type shows.

    Favourite room scent(s) - love Yankee candles and melts especially the Xmas scents but have lots already. I love smell of zoflora,
    Dettol and have an obsession with laundry products/scebts.

    Favourite body scent(s) - anything light and fresh/sweet. Not much into floral. Love Escada perfumes to give you an idea.

    Favourite colour(s) - pink, blue, green, yellow. Dont like black or red.

    Favourite shop - next, debenhams and shops where you can find unusual things.

    Age - 34
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - dont often get time unless going out! Like to get my nails and hair done but im rubbish at the upkeep so i always end up with chipped polish/roots &#128514; for weeks.

    Anything else? - .....
    Currently following Slimming World and trying to exercise more. Were an outdoorsy family and are out and about most weekends- hate to be stuck in. Enjoy the simple things in life like taking the kids on holiday, walks in the rain etc, preferably followed by a pint and pub lunch, snuggling up with a glass of wine on dark nights etc. Love to try new things. Im a decade long insomniac and cant sleep without listening to hypnotherapy videos. Rather not recieve beauty type products as i just dont get much time to myself and all my time is spent with the kids x
  15. Elphaba12

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    TTC, pregnant, parent? -*Mum of 2 - 6 & 7 months old

    Favourite Foods- chocolate, Mexican, freshly baked bread

    Favourite drinks - cappucinos and herbal teas.

    Favourite character -*hard to choose as i have a real affinity for lots of disney characters but probably Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast. I also love Harry Potter.

    Items I collect -*i like fancy stationery and crafty bits but apart from that not really.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? -*I don't really get a lot of time anymore to enjoy them but i can't pash a Lush store without popping in to get a wee treat.

    Special interests - i love reading and im trying to get more fit and start losing weight so ive been walking lots recently.

    Allergies -*None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? -*I love reading, i especially love crime thrillers. Think Simon Kernick, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben etc.

    Favourite films & programmes -*My favourite ever films are My Cousin Vinny and The Bourne Identity. I love reality shows like The Bake Off, The Apprentice, The Great British Sewing Bee, Big Brother.

    Favourite room scent(s) -*i love clean fresh smells like Clean Cotton, Baby powder etc

    Favourite body scent(s) -*Hugo Boss Ma Vie

    Favourite colour(s) -*green

    Favourite shop -*Cath Kidston, Joules, Fat Face, Paperchase, Lush. Basically all the places i can no longer afford to shop lol

    Age -*37*

    Makeup etc - i rarely wear make up anymore unless im going out for the night. I have quite a pale complexion so finding the right products can be a nightmare.

    Anything else - would prefer not to reveive food gifts as im a bit fussy with what i like and would hate for it to go to waste. Other than that im just really excited at the idea of receiving a complete surprise in the post.
  16. Mummy May

    Mummy May Mummy of 2

    May 2, 2012
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - Florence 7 and Rory 4

    Favourite foods - chocolate!! Pizza, pasta

    Favourite drinks - diet coke, lemonade

    Favourite character - huge Harry potter fan
    *This can be film or cartoon*

    Items I collect - Emma Bridgewater

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yes love them

    Special interests - reading, music

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - i like crime thriller books. I love James Patterson, Harlan Coben and Kathy Reichs

    Favourite films & programmes - Harry Potter, Gavin and Stacey, Hannibal, White Collar

    Favourite room scent(s) - anything christmassy
    Favourite body scent(s) - Coco Chanel

    Favourite colour(s) - pale green

    Fave Shop - Next, Matalan, Laura Ashley
    Age - 28

    Makeup etc - I wear a mixture of high street and designer make up. I always have flicked liner on :)

    Anything else? - i love all things shabby chic or christmas related. I lke bright colours and funky quirkly trinkets
  17. george83

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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 3 boys - 2, 3 and 6

    Favourite foods - chocolate, spicy foods

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, Prosecco

    Favourite character - None really

    Items I collect - nothing, my house is over run with toys and I now hate clutter

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes

    Special interests - Reading, don’t really get much time for myself at the moment

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Just started reading more thriller type books but nothing too scary, have read the girlfriend, the girl on the train, I let you go type books

    Favourite films & programmes - Friends, dirty dancing, American detective/crime shows

    Favourite room scent(s) - Cotton, fresh laundry, anything that smells clean and fresh

    Favourite body scent(s) - Don’t really have one, my favourite perfume was discontinued and now I can’t find one I like

    Favourite colour(s) - Royal blue

    Favourite shop - H&M, next home,

    Age - 33

    Makeup etc - i wear basic eye shadow and foundation most days. Love getting my nails done but never have the time now, haven’t been for years

    Anything else? Nothing - I’m not fussy :haha:
  18. leoniebabey

    leoniebabey mam of 2 boys

    Oct 31, 2009
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - mam of two

    Favourite foods - i like most foods

    Favourite drinks - hot chocolate, cocktails

    Favourite character - any disney character

    Items I collect - dont really collect anything

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - i use shower gels, bubble bath and bath bombs

    Special interests - none really

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? I don't read

    Favourite films & programmes - disney films, anythinf girly and funny,

    Favourite room scent(s) - any christmas scent apart from fir tree

    Favourite body scent - not fussy

    Favourite colour(s) - pink

    Favourite shop - lush, primark, disney

    Age - 24
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - eye shadows like browns and golds
    Nails any colours
    Like highlighters/bronzers otherwise dont wear much

    Anything else? - .....
    I dont use body lotions
    Like cozy things like slippers, socks, throws
    Love housey things like wax melts and pictures/ornaments
  19. Logan's Mum

    Logan's Mum ....plus Eric : )

    Aug 10, 2009
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys - 8 & 4 years old

    Favourite foods - N/A

    Favourite drinks - Coffee coffee coffee coffee and more coffee

    Favourite character - Any character thats a cat (Figaro from Pinnochio especially, also Pusheen, Garfield). I love Moana too.

    Items I collect - Cath Kidston bags, retro vases/ornaments.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Not fussed

    Special interests - Running, space/sci fi stuff, cats, the great outdoors,
    walking holidays, Beamish (Google it, its AMAZING)

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I read but its a mixture of horror, end-of-the-world stuff, but would like to try the classics like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. I like a bleak read :haha:

    Favourite films & programmes - Star Trek Next Generation, Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian (can you see a theme emerging :haha: ) Also baking shows and Studio Ghibli films. Dont watch anything girly, prefer documentaries to "reality" TV

    Favourite room scent(s) - Not fussed, OH a fuss-pot too much!

    Favourite body scent(s) - YSL Black Opium. Incense smelling and nothing sweet and floral.

    Favourite colour(s) - Pink and purple

    Favourite shop - Disney, Fenwicks, Pets at Home :rofl:

    Age - 32

    Makeup etc - Dont normally wear any, I like No.7 for nail varnish, and Urban Decay looks lush but Im too much of a cheapskate to buy any!

    Anything else? - Please dont get me food, Im really fussy :flower: I adore cats, my dream thing would involve cats and Christmas. I love retro/kitsch stuff, the sort of thing your parents have up at Xmas time! I like Studio Ghibli characters, I have a fair few of the films

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