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Discussion in 'Santa's Grotto' started by Wobbles, Nov 26, 2018.

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  1. Wobbles

    Wobbles BnB Co-Founder ~ Retired

    Aug 31, 2006
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    You will receive a PM by Monday 3rd Dec - Please complete by then!

    Copy & paste the questions editing the example answers to your own and post in this thread - NO CHAT!

    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - 8 & 9 yrs old

    Favourite foods - Spices, clean eating, dark chocolate, cherry

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, Vodka, cocktails

    Favourite character - Sleeping beauty characters
    *This can be film or cartoon*

    Items I collect - Willow tree, glass ornaments
    *certain ornaments, frames, thimbles etc*

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Both, don't like floral or fruity that much
    *you may not have a shower?*

    Special interests - Fitness - Crossfit and strength training, outdoors, cycling
    *People may have an interest in wiccan, witchcraft, keeping fit etc*

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read
    *maybe you like loves stories, horror, a mixture*

    Favourite films & programmes - Saving private Ryan one of my favs, loves horrors, watch Eastenders and love tacky TV Saturdays (factor, Ant & Dec etc)

    Favourite room scent(s) - Cherry, baby powder, cotton smells, nag champa

    Favourite body scent(s) - White musk, anything musky really.

    Favourite colour(s) - Black but have pink hair

    Favourite shop - Disney, Debenhams, River Island, Yankee, Next, Amazon

    Age - 38
    *Don't have to answer of course*

    Makeup etc - I wear dermablends and number 7 makeup, I don't like bold. I get my nails done at the salon
    *you may like blinging your nails up, a love for eye shadows, have a certain style etc*

    Anything else? - .....
    *You may be on a diet, have other interests, have stuff you really would not like to receive like food gifts, any dislikes in food, fragrances ... anything ... like pink fluffy things, gothic, or anything else about you that may help*
  2. SmartieMeUp

    SmartieMeUp Mum of 2 girls.

    May 27, 2011
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 girls 7 and 3

    Favourite foods - chocolate peanuts and Smarties (chocolate ones) and nutella.

    Favourite drinks - hot chocolate/mocha, tea (normal), Irish creams, pink gin, water.

    Favourite character - Finding Nemo, BB-8 Lumiere, Chip.

    Items I collect - nothing apart from Nomination charms.

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I have a shower and bath. Love warm, sweet or fruity scents.

    Special interests - Gaming (pc), shopping and makeup.

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read

    Favourite films & programmes - Finding Nemo, purge, stranger things, thriller/crime investigation things.

    Favourite room scent(s) - spiced apple/cinnamon, cherry, fruity, nothing floral.

    Favourite body scent(s) - sweet/sickly scents.

    Favourite colour(s) - white, pastels, teal.

    Favourite shop - Amazon, next, eBay, b&m, boots, Primark.

    Age - 25

    Makeup - Revolution, Bare minerals, Elizabeth Arden. I like all colours- vibrant to neutral as I like experimenting.

    Anything else - I'm a boring person! I like board games. I'm a size 10, size 3 feet and have been waiting years for a new mug which OH broke.
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  3. c1403

    c1403 Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2011
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 girls - 4 and 6

    Favourite foods - chocolate/biscuits, cheese

    Favourite drinks - Diet Coke, Tea and Gin

    Favourite character - not really got any

    Items I collect - nothing rrallt

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? Have a bath and shower. Like hair products (have long hair)

    Special interests - Family life, Property (want to buy me a house? Lol) Home furnishings etc

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Not a huge reader but I like chick lit like shippable if etc

    Favourite films & programmes - Tacky housewife programmes (real housewives etc)

    Favourite room scent(s) - Vanilla, woody type smells

    Favourite body scent(s) Vanilla, Coconut, Tea Tree (for my hair)

    Favourite colour(s) -
    For Me: Mustard, Grey, Navy
    For Home:purple, Green, Brown

    Favourite shop - H&M, Next, Amazon (doesn't count really), Boots

    Age - 33

    Makeup etc - Simple makeup, neutral colours (I'm very fair skinned). powder, conceler, blusher, lip balm/gloss. Never paint my fingernails but like to paint my toes.

    Anything else? -
    I'm a really homely person and love just being indoors. Winter is my fave season because I like to get all cosy with PJs, Slippers, Hot drink.
    Super organised too, everything involves a list. Work in an office part time. My girls take over everything.

    Can't wait to get started on this :)
  4. Bevziibubble

    Bevziibubble Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2012
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 2

    Favourite foods - cadbury chocolate

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, herbal teas, wine

    Favourite character - Hello Kitty

    Items I collect - none

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - yes, love them

    Special interests - Fitness, gym, gym, walking, nature

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - horrors and thrillers

    Favourite films & programmes - horror films, coronation street

    Favourite room scent(s) - lavender

    Favourite body scent(s) - musk

    Favourite colour(s) - pink and purple

    Favourite shop - Next, River Island, Aldi

    Age - 32

    Makeup etc - eyeliner and mascara. Don't do my nails

    Anything else? - .....
    I like everything really :haha:
  5. CaptainMummy

    CaptainMummy Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2010
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? Mum to 3 girls (7,5&4)

    Favourite foods - Cake, chinese, more cake.

    Favourite drinks - Hot chocolate, Irn Bru

    Favourite character - Pooh Bear, The little mermaid

    Items I collect - Nothing really

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? I have a bath and a shower. Like anything that smells good!

    Special interests - Nothing in particular. I'm rather boring!

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - Romantic Suspense novels (Karen Rose is my favourite, but I have read all of her books)

    Favourite films & programmes - Action/Crime/Thriller movies, and Christmas movies of course!
    Prison Break, Criminal Minds... Anything the same genre as the films i guess

    Favourite room scent(s) - Cherry and Lemon

    Favourite body scent(s) - DKNY be delicious range <3

    Favourite colour(s) - Light blue and turquoise

    Favourite shop - Next, Primark! River Island

    Age - 30

    Make up - I don't wear make-up ever, nor do I do my nails.

    Anything else - I dont like flavoured chocolate (orange/mint etc) nor do I like tea or coffee. Other than that, Im very easily pleased. I like sparkles and glitter :)
  6. leoniebabey

    leoniebabey mam of 2 boys

    Oct 31, 2009
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mama to 2 boys

    Favourite foods - Pretty much anything especially chocolate m

    Favourite drinks - I only really drink pop

    Favourite character - I love Disney any Disney but especially Minnie

    Items I collect - None

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I only really use bath bombs or shower gels

    Special interests - Can’t think of any

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - don’t usually have time to read I prefer watching

    Favourite films & programmes - Mainly watch Netflix series and love Disney films

    Favourite room scent(s) -
    Scents I like- ‘baking’ type scents, fresh scents, apple and cinnamon
    Scents I do not like- pine, super floral ones

    Favourite body scent(s) - ‘sweet’ smells

    Favourite colour(s) - Pink, mint,

    Favourite shop - None

    Age - 25

    Makeup etc - i don’t wear too much makeup, I use nail varnish, bronze/gold/brown eye shadows

    Anything else-
    I like cozy things cozy socks etc. Unicorns, sparkle etc.
    Basically overgrown child haha!
  7. Rhio92

    Rhio92 Connor, Saskia, OH & Me

    Oct 25, 2010
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 - 3 and 8 years old

    Favourite foods - chocolate, savoury snacks,

    Favourite drinks - wine, hot chocolate, fruity gin

    Favourite character - Luna lovegood from harry potter

    Items I collect - none

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - love them

    Special interests - Fitness, pole dancing, Harry potter, local hauntings

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - harry potter, jodi picoult

    Favourite films & programmes - all Christmas films, Harry potter, Netflix series

    Favourite room scent(s) - any Christmassy scents

    Favourite body scent(s) - don't have a favourite

    Favourite colour(s) - green, grey

    Favourite shop - new look, primark

    Age - 26

    Makeup etc - I wear subtle make up, love nail varnish, never managed good eye shadow but I'd love to learn

    Anything else? - I love snuggly things like pyjamas and fluffy socks. Massive cat lover. Not sure what else :haha:
  8. kirstybumx3

    kirstybumx3 Mum to two boys, R&N

    Aug 1, 2010
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 boys, aged 5 and 1.

    Favourite foods - Chocolate & Pizza :haha:

    Favourite drinks - Coffee, Gin, Red Wine

    Favourite character - None but I love giraffes

    Items I collect - Emma Bridgewater & pretty mugs

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yes but I don’t have a bath, just a walk in shower

    Special interests - Nothing particularly interesting. Big foodie and beauty/skincare junkie

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I don't read often

    Favourite films & programmes - Dirty Dancing, The sword in the stone (I know lol)

    Favourite room scent(s) - Anythinh cinnamon or spiced

    Favourite body scent(s) - Strong and sweet

    Favourite colour(s) - None in particular, home decor is mainly grey/silver

    Favourite shop - Emma Bridgewater, Ralph Lauren, Costa, does M&S food hall count :haha:

    Age - 26

    Makeup etc - my make up is over budget lol. I wear Tarte, Bare Minerals and Laura Geller mainly. Like neutral colours with a bit of sparkle.

    Anything else? - First of all I love giraffes lol. I quite like stationary, I enjoy writing and like to get nice pads/pens. Anything homely and cosy, I really like pretty/unusual mugs (I must have a million lol) and I’m currently following Slimming World diet. X
  9. Mummy May

    Mummy May Mummy of 2

    May 2, 2012
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mummy of 2 (boy 5 and girl 8)

    Favourite foods - Crisps, cake, pizza

    Favourite drinks - diet coke, vimto squash

    Favourite character - Harry Potter characters

    Items I collect - I collect Emma Bridgewater and nice baubles for my tree

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - Yessss, love nice bath stuff

    Special interests - I love music, pretty much anything goes. I also love Harry Potter and I'm a Christmas elf

    Allergies - None

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - I love to read! Obsessed with books. I like crime/thriller books - think James Patterson, Kathy Reichs etc

    Favourite films & programmes - Harry Potter, Elf, Gavin and Stacey, Friends

    Favourite room scent(s) - Christmas smell

    Favourite body scent(s) - Coco Chanel

    Favourite colour(s) - Pale green, purple

    Favourite shop - Amazon, ebay, Schuh

    Age - 29

    Makeup etc - I wear eyeliner and colour my brows in most days. I bite my nails and I hate hate hate it. I can't have long nails at work as I catch them then end up biting them grrr

    Also! I love stationary and pens
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  10. jay92

    jay92 Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    TTC, pregnant, parent? - Mum of 2 girls - 4 & 7

    Favourite foods - sour cream dip and blue doritos

    Favourite drinks - irn bru & pink gin

    Favourite character - any disney

    Items I collect - whilst I live with a human mini tasmanian devil I have put collecting disney traditions firmly on hold

    Do you like your bathroom goodies? - I can only use simple products as have mega sensitive skin

    Special interests - I am literally a mum lol

    Allergies - lavender

    Do you like to read? What kind of novels do you like? - my amazing ss last year got me an amazing christmas romance novel and it was the best. I fly out to lanzarote on the 28th and would love some christmas romance books for by the pool with my pinacolada

    Favourite films & programmes - I love my soaps, tacky stuff like RHOC TOWIE

    Favourite room scent(s) - Christmas scents, fresh linen

    Favourite body scent(s) -

    Favourite colour(s) - grey, pink, teal

    Favourite shop - River Island, Yankee, Next, New Look

    Age - 26

    Makeup etc - I only wear make up if i am going on night out or getting pics taken. i have my nails done by a technician at home and OH's sister in law is a hairdresser, so those are my guily pleasures in life.

    Anything else? -
    I really should get my fat ass on a diet but I have an issue where I just cannot stop munching :shrug:I hate waste lol. My idea of fun is getting home pjs on blinds shut candles on and a good film and a gin once kids in bed
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