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Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by Maman, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Maman

    Maman Guest

    Well, my son has pretty much decided that he wants to co-sleep (or plain just sleep on me) he wants to be worn all the time as well... pretty much he likes constant contact with me.

    i had a section, and ive worn him out yesterday as the pram my husband pushed me in to purchasing just upsets joel and i end up carrying him :shrug: has anyone else worn after section? it was a little uncomfortable after a while but it shouldnt cause me any problems should it?
  2. mumnbean

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    Jul 1, 2009
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    I think if you take it easy and don't walk too far, particularly in the first 6 weeks it should be fine carrying the weight of your lo.

    I didn't baby wear until my lo was a few months old after my section but only because she didn't seem comfy in the baby bjorn carrier we got until she was that bit bigger.
  3. Maid Marian

    Maid Marian Guest

    I read up about babywearing and c-sections, as I had one, and I think it's actually the best way of carrying your Lo, as the weight is spread out over your shoulders etc not just your waist. I worse my LO from a few days after my section, and was fine.
  4. Tacey

    Tacey Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2008
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    What are you wearing him in? I was having a chat with some ladies about this yesterday, oddly enough, and we concluded that mei tais were not great at first, but wraps and ring slings were fine. If you're comfortable, I'm sure you're fine.
  5. Maman

    Maman Guest

    ok thats good then i will carry on wearing him. i have a wilkinet, its very very comfortable and holds him really steady, im not keen on the look of the wraps so my wilkinet is a good middle ground i think

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