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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by candyfloss, Aug 27, 2009.

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    How often are your LOs sick after a feed?

    William is 17 days old, and yesterday fed almost every hour - day and night! Think I fed him about 7 times between 3am and 7am, but after 2 of these feeds he was sick. /Is he just being greedy and took in too much?

    He's not often sick, but always wants feeding again straight after (empties his tum maybe?!). /Should I wait or just feed?

    Hoping for longer breaks between feeds today....normally has a few 3 hour gaps!
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    My Lo was sick almost every day for the first two weeks, projectile to. He would always want feeding straight after. Some days after every feed, it was tiring

    Is your LO gaining weight ok?

    My MW wasn't worried as my LO was gaining weight well, she said it was more than like because he was just being greedy and taking to much. He emptied his stomach when he was sick, there was so much. There stomachs are small, and they are still learning how much they can take

    Its more than likely nothing to worry about, but if you ar concerned speak to your HV

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