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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by tinytoes, Oct 11, 2008.

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    we're mid growth spurt. ted is feeding all the time and i'm puzzled..
    his pee smells really strong - its been like this for 2 days. not necessarily a pee smell..just a strong weird smell. he just had an enormous very green poop (all up his back....what a delight) which smelt really sweet, not like his usually nutty yellow poop. I'd previously given up various foods because of his colic but recently he seems to have outgrown this so i've sneaked a few things back into my diet over the last 5 days - predominately veges.

    how long does it take fr what we eat to get into the milk and affect baby?

    last night at about 8 i ate perhaps 5 cherry tomatoes (previously forbidden) and half a cooked red onion (previously forbidden too).

    he didnt have milk again until 5am. then 8am. then 10 and every 2 hours since. he feeds for ages on one side so i dont think there's a foremilk issue.

    i ate some brioche containing a bit of milk (i've been off dairy give or take a bit of choccie apart from this) at aound 12 .

    Bright green poop explosion at 3. strangely it was his first poop today - he usually goes almost as soon as he's awake. he seems ok, but previously it'd been reallly nice and yellow..i worry its something i ate and I dont want to keep eating whatever it is...

    i worry he's starting to teethe too.

    what would you put the green and smelly wee down to?

    margerle - this might be one for you

    UPDATE: green very sweet smelling poop number 2 at 3.45...
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    You can check with your doctor or clinic but I think green is still one of the okay colours for stool. The help we had said that the colour would change pending on what I ate and how the LO's system was developing (I'm only been feeding 2.5 weeks) and that it wouldn't be like our poop until they started on solids....

    I was told that if LO had cramps, etc. to look at what I ate about 6 hours beforehand so I think it's probably around that time frame that the food gets into the milk.

    Check with your doctor if you are worried but I'd think it was okay if it was coming out :)

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