BFP after no Symptoms...

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by sunnybabe, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. sunnybabe

    sunnybabe Mummy to two naughty cats

    Feb 2, 2009
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    Although i'm severely aching from exercise and thw wii console I don't rally seem to have any symptoms at all :cry: Im about 7/8dpo

    My boobs don't hurt any more than normal (unless I start thinking about it and invent imaginary pains). My nipples aren't sensitive or darker either.

    My CP is low and hard.

    My CM is exactly lie it is every other cycle and is now barely any.

    My stomach doesnt hurt (well aside from high up... dam sit ups!).

    I don't feel stuffed up or anything along those lines.

    No increased sense of smell.

    No metalic taste in my mouth.

    Nada... nothing.... nowt... not a single tiny twinge :cry: Which makes me think at 7/8dpo that it is def not my month. I was so hopeful as due to the Easter hols we managed to :sex: more that normal, although we only managed it once around ovulation on the day I got a very dark +ve on the opk.

    So my question is... has anyone got a :bfp: without feeling any symptoms??? I feel like I'm far too aware of all the possible signs and symptoms now and that if I was pg then I would at least have one of them!
  2. kellyo

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    Mar 8, 2009
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    When I was pregnant with my son I only started getting symptoms about a week after my missed period. The only thing I had was sore boobs really but that wasn't anything different from any other cycle for me.

    Fingers crossed for you - good luck x
  3. PrettyBonk

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    With my first pregnancy I had NO symptoms at all...I thought my period was really really late...the only thing that rushed me to the doc was b/c every time I had sex I felt weird...thinking it was a bad infection lol the doc said ummm your pregnant...Had NO symptoms at all...until my last trimester when I got leg cramp...

    with my daughter (2nd) I had no symptoms until after I took a test...and that was 3 weeks after my missed period...Had symptoms all the way until and a bit after I gave birth (horrible pregnancy...had every single horrible pregnant symptoms there is)

    ....with this one...I was checking my cervix (as I did to check ovulation) and my cervix did not change until I was a FEW weeks 2nd month I think...symptoms started RIGHT AWAY grrrrrrrrr....thats how I knew I was least it wasnt as horrible as my second pregnancy...

    Plus I got "AF" cramps around when I was suppose to get AF with all 3 pregnancies And my cervix felt the same as when around don't go by your cervix...I went with my cervix on time of ovulation only.

    Good luck!!!!!! Dont go by symptoms hun...wait until your late and test...and if you get any symptoms before you test don't go by them either...AF symptoms are extremely similar to those of early pregnancy...
    this was the only "charted and planned" pregnancy" (the others were if I get pregnant I get pregnant...didnt chart or anything) and for the 4 months that I was trying I thought I was pregnant more than 100 times lmao...but when I felt the pregnancy symptoms I KNEW...

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