birth plan? whats yours?

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    ALLERGIES: mefenemic acid

    Pregnancy complications: Group B strep
    Pre-term labour at 28+6
    Known cervical erosion.

    Birth prefences:
    I would like as much of a natural birth I can achieve.
    If I do not have to be continually monitered I would prefer to use the pool- if available-for the duration of labour.
    If I do not have to be continually mointered my preferance is for an active labour until I can use the pool.
    If I do not have to be continually monitored my preferance is for minimal monitoring.
    Minimal internals only. If I ask to for my progress to be checked, please check me.
    I would like to deliver in the pool and bring the baby out of water myself.
    If birthing asscistance is needed please try venthouse before anyother method.
    I would like to avoid forceps delivary at all costs unless baby is distressed and there is medical need.

    I would like to try my best to achieve my natural water birth.
    Please do not offer me pain relief unless you think its going to help me in anyway or is medically needed.
    I will ask for pain relief if I want it.
    My preferance is to start with gas and air and see how that works.
    If I feel I need more I would like to try HALF a dose of pethadine or diamorphine.
    if I still feel like I need more I was ask for the other half dose of pethadine or diamorphine.
    I would like to AVOID an epidural at ALL costs. Unless I really cannot deal with the pain or there is medical need for an epidural.
    If available I have much greater preferance for a WALKING epeidural.
    I would like my OH to be able to message me at any time I request if I request.

    If baby is delivered into the water I would like to bring him out of the water myself and put him to my chest for skin to skin.
    If baby is delivered out of the water I would like OH to "catch" the baby if possible.
    I would like instant skin to skin contact.
    I would like to try and breastfeed straight away.
    Delayed cord clamping and OH to cut the cord.
    Vitamin k injection to be given to baby.
    Injection for the placenta to be given IF needed.
    Rubella injections given to me as soon as possible.

    I would like OH to remain with baby at all times if I canot be with him.
    I would like to breastfeed baby as much as I can. If not I would like to be able to express colostrum for baby to have in scbu.
    All medical proseduces to be talked through with me/OH so we have a full understanding of what is happening.

    C-SECTION: if c-section is needed OH is to be with me at all times.
    If possible I would like the screen to be lowered and to watch baby being "born"
    If baby is healthy please put them on my chest straight away for immidiate skin to skin.

    I would like breastfeeding support and if I'm unsure about baby care some help from the midwifes.
    please ask any visitors who turn up who they are and then come and tell me who is here.
    I would not want anyone in the room when I am breastfeeding then OH and my mum.
    If I'm recovering from a c-section or a bad tear please make it possible for me to see baby as much as possible if they are in scbu.

    Think that's it haha!

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