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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by 2bmum, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I need some opinions/reassurances from you ladies please :)

    Bit of a long one, but I'll try and cut to the chase.

    I'm very close to my nan, closer to her probably than my mum. My nan suffers with mild dementia, but hey she is 84 years old. We live over 300 miles apart but are still very close. Anyway, she's had problems with her feet for years and has been saying lately that she's been going fortnightly for check ups on her feet becuase of the arthritis in her feet. Didn't think much of it. Then today I phone her to see how she is and she says she's found a letter from the hospital saying that she has to go in on the 5th of May for an op on her feet and swears she told me, she didnt but in her head she had.

    As she was very vague I got the number off of her and gave the hospital a call, it turns out that she does have to go in, and the checks on her feet for her arthritis were actually to do with her op. Due to her age and her reactions to anethetic in the past they want to do the op on both feet rather than one then the other at the same time.

    She will obviously need aftercare. We've been told that it's not a major op and she'll be awake, just numbed for it but she'll need someone with her for about a week after the op.

    Here's the problem, if you can call it that. My dad is the only driver in the house. My mum is not allowed to drive due to her being disabled and I havent driven in about 6 years due to an accident I had that put me off. So My dad would have to take my mum there, BUT, my mum won't go and leave me because I'll be 36w by then so I'd go with her. I'm just so anxious about it all as if dad stays with us I've got to try and arrange someone to look after all the animals last minute but if dad comes home to look after them then we are there with no transport incase I go into labour early.

    I also have'nt done my birth plan yet, the mw is due to come on the 5th, same day as the op to go through one with me and I have a scan booked for the 6th. Stress is not the word, just don't know what to do for the best.
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    :hugs: I really dont think anybody would advise traveling 300 miles away from home so close to your due date I understand u want to be there for your nan but really its so far ...the only solution which i dont know if it can be done or is even do-able is cant your nan have the op after u have had the baby ? or let your mum go up there and promise to stay in touch daily ? i dont know really its up to u x

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