Bits of jewelry, shoes & a bag for sale!

Discussion in 'Buy, Swap & Sell' started by star-dust, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. star-dust

    star-dust Guest

    Just clearing my box out as I wont be wearing any of it, I tend to stick with the pieces I have had for years, but still keep getting other bits so anyhoos,
    open to offers!

    shoes are both size 5 both with 5/6 inch heels only been worn indoors before!

    the cross has a loop so it can be put on a cord/chain!

    Quicksilver bag, hardly been used..long handle

    Blue cuff bracelet, isnt all way round so it opens to all sizes

    Pink butterfly on pink thon,will need a clean dont know how to do it though

    beaded chain

    Pink/red heart with chain

    accessorize silver pearl like bead on chain

    accessorize butterfly ring

    2 belly bars one seahorse one butterfly

    Simple gold chain

    speaks for quite heavy

    beads and stone on chain

    there was another necklace but it seems to have escaped PB!!!

    I wont be wearing it again and it seems a shame to keep it locked in a box, its hard to take a pic of, as its so shiney! it has 2 combs to hold it in place, I add the pic I have taken, but am happy to PM a pic of me wearing it if needs be!

    Im open to offers on it xx
  2. star-dust

    star-dust Guest

    bringing it back up! coz added more!

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