Blankets/bedding needed if cosleeping/napping in a sling

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by Olivette, Oct 6, 2013.

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    I'm so confused! I was running through my list of things I still needed to buy with a friend and she commented that I'd not added any blankets (i have a few my MIL bought but i've not got many). It dawned in me after this convocation that I feel happy and confident with most things, but I have no idea what kind of blankets to be using and when i'd need to use them!

    Firstly we plan to cosleep. Baby will be in bed with me. I know to layer her up with a vest and sleepsuit. I asked about what to dress them in at night before and the consensus was as I just mentioned, a vest and sleepsuit and snuggled into me. I guess that's why I never thought about swaddling (as in the previous post it was advised as not being save to swaddle whilst cosleeping).

    During the day I plan for her to nap in the sling (this is all in theory obviously..) we will have a moses basket I think but I plan to sling her as much as I can. So in that respect I wouldn't need a blanket on her either I'm guessing.

    My friend advised me that her baby loved to be swaddled and she swaddled him a lot. I'm just really confused about it all now! What type of blankets would I need and when would I use them going by the fact we plan to cosleep and nap in the sling/on us?

    I've seen people talk about swaddling with a flat cot sheet, one of the special swaddling blankets, to wrap in a fleece blanket, im so confused!

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    LO doesn't really need covering for a nap as she will already be dressed for the temperature. If it's a bit cooler, you could lay a cotton sheet (just a flat cot sheet) or something like a cellular or knitted/crocheted blanket over her. Some babies do actually prefer to sleep away from you so I would get a few sheets or blankets just in case. We also had a couple of fleece ones but I only used them for day naps with my youngest (who co-slept), not at night.

    My oldest kind of liked being wrapped up to sleep, but she liked her arms out sideways and you shouldn't swaddle legs tightly either so we used to make a kind of cocoon around her with a blanket - wrapped around her tummy and kind of bunched at her sides around her legs. If you have a couple of blankets already I'd just get a 2 pack of cot sheets and you'll be fine. If it turns out LO wants swaddling, you can order something; most places do next day delivery :) Most young babies really just want their mum or dad so you'll be fine.
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    I used a few cellular blankets so that if she were to get them over her face then she could still breath.

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