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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by charlieann, Apr 14, 2009.

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    midwife gave me a form for another blood tests to check if i was still anemic on friday. (they only got the results of all my other blood tests less than 2 months ago as they werent put on my notes on the system and had to phone and check. they immediately gave me iron tablets and a few weeks later baby wasnt measuring so small!)

    as it was bank holiday i couldnt get the test done until today, but is there any point to it? im 37+3 and my next appointment with the midwife is at 39+6, so what action can they take if i am still anemic and what effects will it have on baby, would he need extra iron? it just seems pointless to me as they aint gonna be able to follow it up or do anything about it unless i go past my due date. :dohh:
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    Im on iron tablets too and had another test done only last week.

    They have to keep an eye on your levels to check if you need to go on more tablets (or even transfusion if really really bad!)

    Prob is mainly with bleeding problems during labour because of low iron level and things that link with that... I thought it might just make me feel tierd etc but apparently not always.

    Hospital have said that as long as your iron levels are above 10 when you deliver then all will be fine! :hugs:

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