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Discussion in 'Gender Prediction' started by Emsbaby223, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I'm 19 weeks exactly with my 3rd... I have 2 handsome boys so as you can imagine I was hoping for a girl! After a long wait I had my normal ultrasound scheduled yesterday. Right away I was told boy (I was disappointed, so I accepted it without question and went on with the ultrasound!) I felt the ultrasound was rushed and the tech had a hard time finding everything, I have to drive 90 min away to get a better ultrasound upstate! After studying the pic and showing many people I'm confused! My 2 boys were very obviously boys! This boy part looks sort of like a blob (maybe cord or part of leg?!?) and as I look closer I see 2 little lines, which also made me think girl? I also know this could be extreme wishful thinking :) don't worry even if it is a 3rd little man he will be loved all the same but I am now left confused, upset at myself for not questioning, the tech for rushing and needless to say driving myself crazy!!!! All input welcome... Thank you!!! Sorry not the best pic but was the worst quality ultrasound I have had by far :(

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