Braxton hicks or what?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by mouse_chicky, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hey gals!
    I've been following along 3rd trimester reading posts, but it's funny how you don't really take it in until it applies to you. So, I'm sure there are other posts like this, but anywho . . .
    Last night after midnight, I started getting twinges of pain in my lower stomach that felt like very mild menstrual cramps. It was off and on all night, and is still going on today. It's not regular, and I can't really time it since it's more like that dull ache you get at the very beginning of a period, but then again, there's a jab of stronger pain here and there, just like when period cramps are getting ready to get worse and I do think it's gradually getting worse.
    I know some women on here say that the beginning of contractions are kind of like period pains, so I was wondering what everyone thinks. It' may be because I'm slightly constipate:blush:, so I'm trying to up the water and fiber today and see if that takes care of it, but, believe me, I'm been constipated off and on throughout this pregnancy and this feels different. Maybe my body's just starting to get ready. I've always read that bh aren't painful. Also, I don't feel my uterus contracting; just this period-like ache with jabs of sharper pain here and there. Thanks for reading!
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    I get the dull period pains sometimes, its probs just cause of constipation, trapped wind or even just growing pains, braxton hicks for me feel like tightenings all over my bump and it goes really hard as well - really strong ones for me can make my face and ears feel hot lol i did come across an article on the net a few weeks ago saying that the uterus begins contracting in the first trimester but you just wont notice it until later on in the pregnancy.


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