Braxton Hicks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Groups & Discussions' started by sky2012, Feb 24, 2021.

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    So from yesterday I’ve been getting some cramping pains in lower abdomen, with some back pain, tightening and pressure down below. At my last checkup baby was engaged 3/5 and I’m currently 35weeks pregnant. Not sure if these are braxton hicks as I do feel some pain and their not regular. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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    With my 2nd and 3rd baby I had regular braxton hicks from really early on, it didn't lead to much even though it progressively got worse and with both babies ended up in threatened preterm labour at 30 weeks ( not caused by the BH) they both ended up in an induction!

    I'd say as your 35 weeks, just keep an eye on the regularity of them and the pain. You'll know the difference between BH and contractions. Good luck!

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