Breaking a bad sleeping habit

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by wemustntpanic, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Could anyone tell me the best way to go about changing where my little one sleeps? Since birth he has been put for naps in his pram carry cot and rocked to sleep next to our kitchen extractor fan :wacko:
    But he's really too big for the carry cot now and I need to switch him to the crib next to our bed upstairs. He even sleeps in the carry cot at night, we just detach it from the pram unit and carry him up in that.
    Have been trying to get him to settle in the crib and he will a bit at night but during the day it's like I may as well just bang my head against a wall because he just gets more and more upset until I give in and take him back down to his carry cot and extractor fan :wacko:
    Any advise on how to get him to switch? I'd quite like to be able to use my kitchen again without waking him up, I'm starving! :haha:
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    Maybe you could make the transition easier if you put the carry-cot thing into his crib for a bit so that he gets used to the new environment? As for the extractor fan, try and find a white noise app for your phone and play that for him instead of the fan. Or possibly you could record the fan and then loop it if other, similar noises don't work. At least then you have the noise he likes portable. Good luck :)

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