Bryces 3 month update

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by mommy2lilmen, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Bryce checked out fine as of now.

    He weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces now ( i say 13 pounds 14 ounces, but dr argued with me on the acale lol) . Measures 24 inches long.

    He was talking up a storm at the doctors and smiling until he got his diaper put back on then screamed lol. Was too cute. He passed his eye test and he has to get them rechecked at 1 year old.

    He cut in his 2nd tooth which is scary. He was born with a tooth, Natal tooth and cut in a 2nd. Teething early YIKES. I will post a picture of his teeth in the next day or two.

    Hes doing so much better now. I took him to the ER and they checked him out and stuff cus he was stopping to breath at night, gasping for air and spitting up constantly(3/4 of his meals would come up seconds after he finished a bottle even between the bottle feed),super fussy NEVER sleeping would scream if I had to put him down with over 20 hrs of screaming a day. WOuldnt sleep more than half hour at a time with good couple hours of screaming befor he would fall asleep again. Well after numerous tests, weekend in the hospital and a visit to a peadiatrician..he was diagnosed with GERD Acid Reflux and put on meds twice a day. 0.7 ml of Ranitidine (zantac). Told to not sleep in his carseat or swing cus of the silent reflux he has that stops his breathing and gasping, ugh ya right..he has to or he wakes up, has to be mobile. The meds are working, he sleeps through the night, well 5-6 hr stretches, which makes mommy very happy. keeps his meals down and is so much happier. I am so glad I got what was wrong with him figured out. I was beginning to wonder if I was doing something wrong.

    So thats his update. He goes next month for his 4 month check up and vaccinations. :)
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    Glad to hear he is doing well! Happy Holidays :)

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