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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Dream.A.Dream, Dec 19, 2009.

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    The MW the other day told me bubs has turned breech after being head down since 19 weeks :dohh:

    But the thing that confused me was that she said he was breech, and that what all other MWs had said was his bum is his head and vice versa. However, then she checked his HB, and found it very very strong, like sounded as though doppler was right on top of it iykwim, on my left hand side, about halfway between pubic bone and belly button.

    This is where his HB has always been found strongest when he's head down, and a website I found when looking into breech babies said if HB can be heard clearly only below the belly button then baby is head down.

    Is it possible this MW was wrong, and he is head down still? xx
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    Thing is it depends on how many weeks you are, this is very true if you are term. Because your uterus is up in the ribs and baby spreads across your tummy and with a head down baby is heard moreso below the belly button. If you are 31 weeks you won't be measuring much higher than the belly button therefore baby won't be much higher than the belly button area, so the heart rate can still be heard clearly both sides of the belly button, as a midwife I have found this to be the case often. Yes she also may have got the position wrong but it clinically doesn't matter till 36 weeks onwards when the mode of delivery will need to be reconsidered. :)

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