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Discussion in 'TTC Buddies' started by alli.s, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Hi there all! mt name is Alli Stewart, i'm 21 years old, i toyed with WTT but realized i couldnt so right now i'm ntnp but kind of trying to see when i ovulate, i just came off BCP and now i'm just waiting, anyone wanna join up? I have some great buddies and one is still waiting on her bfp but 2 others have had theres so i'm recruiting some more buddies:flower:
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    Nov 10, 2010
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    Hi alli.s

    We decided to TTC June 2010 however i dont ovulate, so I went for my OD on the 1st of June 2011, and they discovered i had grade 3 ENDO which they removed, the op was fine, no pain on the cuts (3 tiny ones) but the gas afterwards was horrible, it took me 4 days to be able to move properly.

    I've started a Journal called "Tella TTC #1 Journal" to keep track of all the happenings from hereon. Lets hope and pray we get a BFP soon.

    Baby Dust to all

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