Buddy wanted to guide and supportxx

Discussion in 'TTC Buddies' started by KARMA2011, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hi girlies.

    Well Ive been cruising this site a while now and getting very jealous of all the cool flashing signs on a lot of your posts, I wanna know how I get them lol!! How do I get that BFP flashing thingy at the end he he!! little things eh!!!:blush:

    Im looking for a buddy= Im currently on day CD 18 4DPO but I would welcome any buddies who fancy riding this out with me and jazz up my page as well-also how do I link at the end of my page who my buddies are? xxx:happydance:

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    here is the link to all the little emoticons:

    also, you can always get them by doing this: under the Quick reply box there is a "Go advanced" option click that and it will bring up a screen with a larger text box and some icons beside it. underneath those icons there is a little link that says "see more" and if you click that it will bring up the huge long list of them. it shows you the symbol in one column and the shortcut (what you have to type to get that to come up) in the other :) after you use them a lot you get used to the shortcuts and dont always have to bring up that box to copy and paste from :)

    im not sure about the links to buddies though..maybe someone else can help you out with that.

    youre smack in the middle of the 2WW huh? hopefully youll be getting to use that BFP symbol a lot here in just a few more days! :D

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