c section or natural ? pro's & con's ?

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    hi i know i am think way ahead of myself but just wanted to see what other peoples opinions / experiences are ?

    my 1st baby due date 7th may 2006 arrived on april 19th 2006 .
    pregnancy was through IUI and was full of morning sickness ect .
    i had some slight discomfort at 33 weeks and went to get checked they put me on the monitor and i was having some slight contractions . they gave me an examination and found i was 7cm dillated . they took me into labour ward and gave me a drip and steriod injections , contractions keeped on the whole night by morning i went for a shower and they stopped . i was sent home then at 35 weeks i went back in with suspected water leakage to find i was 8 cm dillated . they then kept me in hospital and i wasnt even allowed to go to the loo on my own incase baby came out very quickly .
    finally at 37.5 weeks i begged the dr to break my waters and the did at 9am , by 12pm i was 10cm but wasnt fully streached and ready , as pain was unbearable i got a pain injection relife which delayed my labour , at 3pm i was pushing and nothing then at 4.30 they called the dr in by this point i had tore . he cave me a cup ontop of my tear and used the vontouse cup with no luck and then tried the forcepes with no luck . he then took off his glooves stood back and said section to me as he walked away and looked again he said wait a minute took the forcepts again and finally my baby boy was born weighing 7lbs 1.5ozs . my recovery was very slow and it took me a year to go to the dr about my uncomforablness to be told a stitch i got haddend dissolved but skin grew ontop of it , it is still very uncomfortable and i have been offered surgery but they cannot garentee it to get better or not get worse . so i left it .

    i am now pregnant again , but i am not sure what labour option i would go for ? , i am so scared that my downstairs would be worse than now if i decide natural , and on the other hand i am scared of the section as its a longer recovery and i live 30miles away from any family or freinds that could help and they do not drive .

    i also thought it was a good topic of descusion in genral .

    any thoughts or advice ?
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    Tbh hun I would call your last birth vaginal rather than natural, you had a lot of intervention which can cause as many problems as a c-section. If you decide you want to have a natural birth I would really advise looking into active births and water births, even home births.

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