C section stitch still there 7 months on

Discussion in 'Caesarean Section' started by Loulou8, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Hi all

    I had my little boy 7 months ago via c section. On day 5 my midwife tried to remove the stitch and couldn't. So was sent back up to the hospital to remove it. After 3 attempts and being opened up a little it was "removed".
    When my little boy was about 3 months I noticed that I had blue veins near my scar...I ignored it then thought this is just not right as I could also feel something...it was still the stitch inside me! I went to my drs who advised me we should do nothing for now and wait and see what happens. As not infected and maybe will be fine until I have my next baby. It's worked it's way nearly to the surface...I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I'm thinking if making a complaint as it was the final straw in a long list of mishaps during my pregnancy/labour/birth. Even when i went back up to have it "removed" the nurse said your not the first person this week this has happened to!
    At the end of the day I have a healthy baby....
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    I'm not sure if the stitch you're talking about is the same as mine. I have a dissolvable stitch that's put inside the tummy to keep the muscles together, that hasn't dissolved. It's been about 11 months, and it has now also worked its way to the surface and pressed open my skin. It sounds worse than it is. Dr said she wants to remove it in theatre, but there's no hurry, so I'm waiting to see if it won't clear by itself. She was really surprised that this happens, because it's so rare. The first 6-7 months it was extremely sensitive, but it's much better now so it doesn't really bother me. It's about halfway between my navel and my c-section scar.

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