Can a water infection affect the results on a HPT pregnancy test?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by MissCherry15, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Can a water infection affect the results on a HPT pregnancy test?
    I have a UTI atm. It was found I also have blood in my urine.
    I believe I have had it a while without knowing as it got that bad it had travelled up my body to my kidneys.
    I havent had an actual period for 2months. TMI but just blood. Cycle 2 bright red blood. Cycle 3 brownish blood, not particulary heavy. No clots.
    I also havent been bleeding when AF due but inbetween periods.
    I have alot of pregnancy symtoms aswell.

    I googled to find out the answer to my question, but everyone said different things. Some people said yes the UTI can affect the test. Some said its impossible. Some said it did for them but its uncommon and some said there doctors said it can if the UTI is severe aspecially if it is that severe blood is in the urine.
    I have only had HPT tests. And they all came out NEGATIVE one of which was at the doctors.
    I want to know peoples opinions.
    My doctor thinks there is smething wrong with me and im going to have uterus and cervix checks next friday but if there is a chance my UTI is affecting my tests. I want bloods done before hand

    Please help x x x x x
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    I had that same issue last cycle and went and had blood work done and it was negative...but in my opinion it can because at some point I had 7 false BFP and then a week later everything was negative my AF consisted of 2 days light spotting and that was it. Normally I pour I know TMI but I do for about 6 days so I thought I was as well. I'm not saying your out but I would suggest bloodwork if you don't have AF begin full force!

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