Can anyone help? Advice on the JSA Job Grant.

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by purpleposting, Jan 23, 2011.

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    My husband has been unemployed for about 15 months now and in that time we've had a baby.
    He's been unable to find work in his field so now our LO is a bit bigger I started to look for work again too.
    I think (fingers crossed!) than an interview I went for last week might result in a part-time 16hr/week job!
    So, obviously if this is the case we will be signing off receiving income-based JSA. We have been claiming as a joint claim (£102.75/week) since the start, although up until now it has always been my OH who has gone in and 'signed on'.
    I've read about a £250 Job Grant which is available, but I can't find out for definate if we would qualify to receive this? Does anyone know?
    It says to qualify, work must be at least 16hrs for at least 5wks, which it would be and we've claimed as a joint claim for a lot more than 26wks. Does this apply to me to as opposed to my OH? Does it matter who gets the job if it was a joint claim for JSA? It just mentions about a partner having to work for at least 24hrs, but is that if they weren't claiming joint JSA?
    Any help/advice would be great! :flower:

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