Can anyone recommend a good monitor?

Discussion in 'Store & Product Reviews' started by firstLO, Oct 27, 2008.

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    I've been looking at reviews for monitors and the BT 100 and 150 both seem to be quite good. I've also been trying to decide whether to get one of the ones with the sensor pads. I've read mixed reviews about those kind of monitors though as some people say they've had a lot of false alarms (which make them more paranoid) and also that they continually beep which I think I would find very annoying.
    I would be grateful for the opinions of all you mums as I think this is probably the most important purchase we will make.
    Thanks x
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    I bought Tommee ones with the mat and it was a constant beep - straight back to shop!

    We went and bought the angelcare set at a high recommendation and its brill. Never had any false alarms in her moses however because she was a small bubba as soon as she went into the big cot she got lost and we've had a couple of time I guess. Caitlin managed to lie in the wrong angle though right at the bottom of the cot she couldn't get any closer to the bars if she tried :rofl: You can buy this like divider things for cots so baby hasn't got too much room I will be considering one of those this time round.

    The mat assures me so much I mean I can handle the odd false alarm I couldn't handle not knowing all night! If you get me.

    Rambled - hope that helps x

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