Can I change baby's routine?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Flower, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Feb 1, 2008
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    Morning girls,

    After much thought and frustration (Jensen being sooo clingy the whole day!) I decided I'd try the routine in my **** **** book (I know some people don't approve - but I'm just looking for advice).

    Anyway the first day I tried it (Weds) it worked a treat - I realised that I was letting baby sleep too much during the day, and hence he was miserable whenever I put him down. By 7pm he had actually settled in his moses basket (which he hated!) and OH and I managed to have an evening to ourselves and actually cook & eat dinner uninterrupted!

    Anyway my quessie is, can I adapt the times as currently they don't suit our lifestyle, for instance I have to pick step-kids up from school every other day, and LO always falls asleep in his buggy, which doesn't co-incide with the nap times outlined in the book etc. Also gettting up at 7am is a killer - esp at w/e's - could I maybe change the routine to start at 8am?

    I'm not sure why the routine is structured with those particular times (does it coincide with baby's bodyclocks?).

    Anyway just wanted to check on your advice before I make any changes - having a routine has been a real eye opener and I'm hoping LO will actually sleep by himself at night (we co-sleep - so want to stop that really), I've only been doing the routine for 3 days now - so LO does not sleep through the night yet.

    Btw LO is bottle feed if that makes any diff to the routine laid out in the book?

    Thanks girls (soz for the waffling! lol!)
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    I adjusted Brooklynns routine (once I figured it out) by just changing her bedtime to match against ours. We generally go to bed around midnight and I put her to bed around 10pm so that she sleeps until realistically I'm ready to get up in the mornings. around 830am. The only other thing for us though is that every 3rd day she has a 4hour nap in the middle of the day. I'm not much help as far as the rest goes but I thought I'd try.
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    Dec 29, 2007
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    did you find that your lo had a pattern of day time napping? only mine is 10 weeks old and we know she gets tired 6.30/7pm. but in the day i cant tell. there is no eye rubbing or tired crying like at night. to alter your routine you need to know when the nap times were to begin with i presume?

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