Canada heinz baby food recall

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    Canada heinz baby food recall

    There's a recall for baby food, meat and broth in the little jars here. I've included what information I could copy, and the website is at the bottom. I have four bottles myself. I called and they said that they are figuring out how to go about returning and refunding and will call me back. They say it's a packaging issue, hopefully just a label issue, and nothing worse. No one has been affected, so that's good.

    With an abundance of precaution, Heinz Canada is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of Heinz Strained Meat jarred baby food varieties, including Heinz Strained Beef with Broth, Strained Chicken with Broth, and Strained Lamb with Broth, which are sold in 100 ml (3.52 oz fl) glass jars and only in Canada. No other varieties or sizes are affected. We apologize for any concern or inconvenience this action may cause you.

    This precautionary action is being taken because of a potential glass jar defect that has been isolated to the following products only (see below).

    There have been no consumer reported issues related to this package defect. Heinz Canada is taking immediate action to ensure that any affected product is removed from store shelves.

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