Can't believe how much of a difference it makes!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by AnnaHughes, Aug 25, 2009.

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    LO is great at night - self settles, sleeps till 6amish,

    daytime naps - completly different story - for 3 months now, he will only nap - for the whole time - if lying on me or DH. For the past few weeks, i have just spontaneously been crying, getting overwhelmed by everything. DH works 6 days a week, until around 6pm, so only has an hour or so with LO, and i do the night shift ( not as though he wakes now anyway) which leaves 23 hours a day, my responsibly, except Sundays. LO will only spend around 10 mins entertaining himself - which is to be expected at his age - he wants to be with his mummy!!

    I have not been eating a proper breakfast or lunch cos of LO nap times, or he wants to play.

    This weekend, on Sunday morning, when LO would not stop crying, i shamefully walked out of the lounge, said to hubby i had to go out. I felt useless, and even more so, terrible for leaving, albeit for 15 mins.

    I knew i needed some time back, just to do the ironing, washing up, have a cuppa, read a mag, whatever, so needed to crack these naps, so that i would get this time. ( i have tried, and failed to do so before!)

    Anyway - LO wouldn't sleep in his cot - little devil, just kept smiling at me :cloud9:, so thought i would try the pushchair again. Yesterday, i had to settle him back to sleep a few times, but persevered, and today - well he
    has been asleep for 45 mins now, and no signs of waking

    I have now just had a bowl of soup and a cuppa tea, and it feels great!

    Don't get me wrong, i love LO to pieces, and love nothing more that helping him to explore the world and learn, but i felt like i was suffocating a little iykwim.

    So, basically, no point to this thread, other that for me to say to anyone in the same situation, if you have tried something and it didnt work, try the same thing again in a few weeks/days, it made me feel so much better!
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    We're going through the same at the moment, getting Aisling to sleep in her cot for naps because she used to just sleep on me or DH. It's been difficult with good day and bad days but I'm persevering - she's just been crying for 30 minute but is fast asleep now :D

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