cant forget about a mysterious "woman"after father passed. confusion about "mediums"

Discussion in 'Paranormal' started by hiphophooray, Oct 18, 2015.

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    My father passed when I was young. I started working at an ice cream shop & a couple years later had a very strange encounter. A women I had never seen in my life came through my line looking completely in awe of me and said "you look amazing, I am so happy I get to see you again" & that was all. I couldnt shake the feeling it was somehow my father speaking through her, but honestly I do not believe in "mediums" or anything of that sort so I have always just brushed it off. For some reason I have been thinking about it all the time the past few days. I had some crazy spiritual encounters including an exorcism and divine intervention that I will not discuss right now, but I definitely have faith after those experiences and know my dad is in heaven, and still wonder if he could ACTUALLY speak through someone to me, wouldnt he have by now!? It has been 8 years since he passed and maybe the pregnancy is making me emotional but why cant I shake this feeling now? How do so called "mediums" speak to spirits anyway, are they ones who havent passed on? Like I said, if it was possible I KNOW my dad would've done whatever he could to speak to me because he knew how spiritual I was and knew I could handle it.
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    This is an old post but you may read it so...

    It takes a lot of energy for spirits to communicate with us. They can communicate directly with you, by way of signs which will probably be subtle, or you could hear them, see them, feel them. You can use other things to communicate with them yourself, but always with care and knowledge on how to use those various things correctly (and I don't mean for a second ouija board, as these can be dangerous). Mediums are a real thing. The difference between a medium and someone who hasn't any experience of communicating with spirits is some are open to spirit anyway, some may have experienced something which made it possible, some may be more self taught by practising certain things to open them to communicate. It's quite difficult to explain.
    I don't claim to be a medium, but I know I can communicate to some degree with those who have passed away. I always have been able to. Usually I can hear them and feel them, and sometimes see them. It's completely possible to focus on this to more effectively communicate, with purpose, as opposed to it being completely random and out of your control.
    I know a medium myself, who is amazing. I have also seen mediums at a spiritualist church locally, some I'm sceptical about because all the information seems the same with each person, but others would appear to be completely genuine.
    A friend of mine saw a medium who told her within a certain timeframe she would meet someone, have a baby and get married and this all happened, within the time she said.
    We have also had our home investigated and seen on thermal footage an image of a child stood there and also the image of an adult knelt praying. It was a lot more in depth, and it was fascinating.
    The person you spoke to may have been giving you a message from your dad, it's impossible to know. But I would trust your intuition

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