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  1. Leah_xx

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    Posted in teen parenting but i dont know what to do,
    when can i start giving gracelynn cereal?
    I know not all the time, but when should i start..
    please i am just asking when is right, not looking to be riducule becasue i was giving it to her since she was born(doctors told me to for reflux,in her bottle but quit it at like 1.5 months)

    Well guys gracelynn is 4 months old.
    About 3 days ago I gave Gracelynn cereal and the end result was awesome!!
    She at first was hesitant but then she chowed down on it.
    So i gave it to her again last night and well the results were even better. She even tried to feed herself. She took the spoon and wiped the cereal all over her face.:haha:
  2. aliss

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    Sep 23, 2009
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    I already left you a note in the teen section about BLW but if you are interested in TW then it is generally recommended to wait until 6 months, however the minimum age standard is 17 weeks. If you are interested in more about TW, Anabel Karmel's Introducing Solids is a great book.
  3. Sarah10

    Sarah10 Guest

    4month minimum
  4. dinkiedoo

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    Sep 19, 2010
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    17 weeks is what I was advised by the dietician as being the earliest.
  5. Leah_xx

    Leah_xx Guest

    Thanks everyone
  6. tori876

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Mom of severe reflux in 13 week old here. Tired of the screaming when bottle feeding and the projectile vomit and spit up and ready to bang my head against the wall. I finally said to hell with it yesterday and gave her cereal and a couple of bites of organic sweet potatoes. Then I gave her the formula. No spit up. No screaming. Hell, the gastro specialist has had her on cereal in her bottle to thicken it since 4 weeks and prune juice for constipation since 6. I plan on keeping it really bland (sweet potatoes, bananas, cereal, and peas) for the next month before introducing more fruits/veggies and I'm going to keep it organic to avoid pesticides and preservatives. ( I also make my own.)

    In a nutshell, talk to your ped. Severe reflux is tough, but if you are using cereal in the bottle to thicken anyway, other moms should not be throwing the book at you saying 4-6 months until they walk a mile in a reflux mom's shoes.

    Keep this in mind. I am 34. Back in the 70s, my mother was told cereal at 6 weeks, fruits/veggies at 3 months and fricking egg yolk at 4.5 months. No allergies or obesity here. When your daughter has a baby, it will probably be completely different. (It's just like that old joke where people say "eat bran" and then 5 years later say "bran is bad for you" then 5 years later "bran will cure cancer.") Things will change and go with your gut!!! Only you know what is right for YOUR baby!!!

    Don't sweat it too much.
  7. Sarah10

    Sarah10 Guest

    Excuse me, you are NOT alone in this whole reflux business, there are reasons why the minimum is 4 months, i find that line pretty insensitive.
  8. bubbles123

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    17 weeks minimum unless Doc tells you otherwise. Before 6 months, all cereals have to be gluten free so cereals like baby rice and gluten free porridge or other baby cereals are best and make sure that they are marked suitable from 4 months as they will be gluten free. At 6 months, you can give LO adult cereals but it's best to choose low sugar and salt ones such as porridge oats or wheat based cereals (I'm not sure what brands you have in the States). Good luck!

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