Cervical Cerclage at 19 Weeks

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by nat2, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hey girls,

    I had LLETZ in Jan 2013 due to CIN 3 cells and that was successful. Found out i was pregnant on 24 June and was told i would have regular scans every 2 weeks of my cervix to ensure it was ok.

    First scan at 17 weeks showed length of 30mm, cervix was long and closed with no evidence of funneling.

    I went for another scan yesterday and in 2 weeks my cervix has shortened to 19mm. It is still closed and there is no sign of funneling which is a good thing (i think?). My consultant immediately saw the measurement and has booked me in for a cerclage on Friday this week.

    But now i am absolutely petrified. I am 19 weeks today and so so scared that i am going to lose this baby or something bad is going to happen.

    Can anyone explain the process of placing the cerclage to me? and the success rate of having the cerclage placed? They suggested using a spinal block for the procedure.

    Any information on this would be extremely helpful. xxxx

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