Cervix position/CM (with a picture!)

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by unapologetik, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Hi ladies..

    I'm on CD13 and this is my first cycle temping/charting, using soy isoflavones, paying attention to my cervix & also CM.. and I intend to use softcups for insemination..

    Generally I don't have much CM to speak of; but this is the first real cycle I've paid attention to it in anticipation of OV. Prior to TTC, I would notice once in a while a particularly slippery day, but nothing like described by some people.. and EWCM is something I don't think I've ever experienced?? I just chalked it up to different hormones..

    Well I'm expecting to OV any day now, since I took the soy which is supposed to help with ovulation. My method of checking for OV is to check cervix periodically for position/openness, also pay attention to any CM, and then OPK when it seems like the cervix is moving into a fertile position..

    I have 1 or 2 problems with this --

    1) I get that a 'low, hard, closed' cervix = infertile. However, I only just recently discovered where the opening of the cervix is, and although my cervix seems higher and softer to me, the opening doesn't seem any more, well, open. I took a look at the website beautifulcervix.com to see if I could actually see a difference in the cervix for before/during/after OV.. and it doesn't really look like it changes much throughout the cycle. Maybe not enough for a finger touch to detect the difference? Mine definitely feels like the tip of a nose when it's low & hard, but IDK about how it feels when I'm getting close to OV because I've never OV'd while checking my cervix position!!

    So, do any of you ladies have any insight on how to make the determination that your cervix is 'open'? Bearing in mind I don't get much, if any, CM, usually..

    2) Today I've checked my cervix early in the day and it did, indeed, seem less nose-like and more lip-like in texture, and a little higher up, but the opening remained as elusively closed as before.. however, I just went potty and it was like a slip-n-slide down there!! It actually kind of shocked me.. I was so excited I took a picture of the elasticity...

    And, if I were getting close to OV, wouldn't my cervix be much higher up & harder to reach? It's still within easy distance if I'm sitting upright.. but I'm not sure how exactly high up/soft/etc it will be since I don't have anything to gauge it by..

    So, for those of you that this isn't TMI, does my CM look like it might be fertile right now? Should I start POAS? Maybe even getting the spermies up there in anticipation of the OV?

    I'm using a known donor so I hate to inconvenience him with false alarms.. the last 2 times we tried this were all "it certainly couldn't hurt but most likely will fail" types of scenarios..

    Also, this one bit of CM is the only sample that would stretch that far - as far as my fingers would go! maybe 5 inches? - the rest of it that I tried this with, broke after 3-4 inches.

    All in all, it feels like I might be getting some mixed signals from my body.. stretchy, clear CM but a lowish, closedish cervix? :wacko:

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. -- my temp chart is completely bonkers!! It fluctuates anywhere from 98.1 to 96.7.. I think a lot of it has to do with my abnormal sleep pattern, and I was sick & taking antibiotics during CD1-5 or so.. if I don't get a BFP this time hopefully my temps even out next cycle!

    Sorry about how dark/grainy the pic is.. but you at least get the idea of how stretchy it was!

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    Regarding the cervix position, it sounds perfect. It took me many tries to find the opening, as it was positioned slightly to the left. I had to sit on the toilet so I could feel it and I have long fingers (sorry, TMI). Maybe you have to try a different position?

    I don't chart temps, so I cannot offer advice in that dept.

    I'm new to TTC (#2, cycle 1), but have read a ton already. I'm no expert, but that CM pic looks like you're SUPER READY!!! I think it's time to get busy! :)
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    I have a very hard time differentiating openness of cervix myself so i'll be interested to see what people say. Don't have any advice... I will say that when I have felt my cervix the day I O'ed or day before, (has happened once or twice) I said "Oh wow, that's definitely high/soft/open..no doubts" while other times I'm like "Is that open? maybe Medium?".. So I try to tell myself I'll just know when it actually IS totally different...

    and re: the EWCM, I'd say that's definitely it!! POAS! :thumbup:
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    slip n' slide :haha:

    I didn't have any stretch this month, but I did get a big glob of what looked like almost dried glue.. didnt stretch like yours did but it did stretch over my fingertip type of stretch :shrug::dohh: its hard to tell by feel what your cervix is doing, so far I just have high & low.. no idea what else is going on :dohh: sorry, not helpful & a bit over-tired.. why can't we like, pee a different color when we O? :haha: :brat:

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