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    I want to start charting! How and what website do I use?

    Although I am not really ttc yet, I want to chart to figure out when I ovulate. I have the "pink pad" app, and I really like it, but im not sure entirely how accurate it is.

    I feel like my body is sorta off rhythm. sometimes my cycle is 28 days-sometimes 33-35. Im 4 days late today, according to pink pad, and had egcm yesterday so Im sure af is coming. but I hate being so irregular. I usually don't miss periods though. (unless I take a plan B pill, which I did once about a year ago-and I didn't have a period for 3 months!)

    Also, a week or so after my period ends. I get pain below my belly button on the right OR left side (every month is different) that last about 2 days each time, which my obgyn said were probably ovarian cysts. That doesn't mean I have pcos, right? I am so scared to be infertile. I want a baby within the next year or so-so the thought of that really scares me.

    I know I should probably just go to the doc and ask, but until then, any input?
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    A lot of the ladies on here use the website. You can enter your cycles, symptoms, temps, opks, etc. They have a lot of information about how to do the temps, too. You basically just need to buy a basal body temperature thermometer, which is more sensitive than the regular kind.
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    I use fertility friend now and I also used it while TTCing DD. I love it!

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