Chemical pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by Bing28, Oct 13, 2013.

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    I had some brown/pinkish spotting on Friday at around 9-10dpo. It was a small amount in my knickers and then again when I wiped later in the evening.

    Saturday all day I had brownish/pinkish spotting when wiped and small amount in knickers along with some AF type cramps.

    Thought it was implantation bleeding as I have never had pre AF spotting or cramps ever before and I'm usually like clockwork with 29/30 day cycles. Friday was CD26.

    This morning, Sunday, something woke me up at 6am (don't know what) but went to loo and there was more spotting in my knickers, wiped and had a bit on the paper too.

    Got off loo but when I stood up it was almost as if I felt something move inside me, sat back down, wiped again and there was loads of pinkish/reddish blood. Flow was heavy enough for me to be dripping into the loo and needing a pad.

    I'm now thinking AF had turned up early but as I've never had pre AF spotting/cramps before, and usually AF arrives like clockwork, could it be a chemical?

    If it is how do I find out it is a chemical? Can the docs do tests to find out? As if it is I would like to know so if I keep getting them i can do something about it.

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    I'm going to preface this with I'm not a doctor haha so ask your doctor :)

    If I learned anything in my agonizing 4-5ww this cycle it is that you can't describe your period to a tee. I had mid cycle spotting in August and September, cm of all varieties, pregnancy symptoms... Now AF is bright, BRIGHT red. I have never seen such fresh blood tmi. Which is off because I'm a month late, I expected gross icky was.

    I am not sure what can be done about cp. From what I read they are just a common part of nature. That it happens so often and seemlessly that we don't even know. The DTD timing has to be right, a swimmer has to get there, the cm has to be fertile, the uterine lining has to be ready...

    In any case, I think the only way to have know is through charting and testing early.

    Sorry if that wasn't helpful. Didn't want to R&r

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