Child Care and Returning to Work While WFH

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by AzureOrchid, Jul 12, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    I've tried writing this post a couple of times but rather than get into all the drama, backstory and venting, I'll cut to the chase!

    I'm returning to work in a couple of months and DS will be about 10 months old. I work from home exclusively for now (and likely won't go into the office much at all once we are OK'd next year some time.) I also run an online business, which has been increasingly getting neglected as I only tend to have time at night and also value sleep. My SO also works for the same company and WFH but doesn't help out a whole lot and don't think that will change once I'm back working.

    I cannot fathom adding work to my daily life right now without some sort of child care to help.

    What would you do for childcare?

    I've been considering full-time nanny, part-time nanny (half days... but what would I do for the other half of the day?), and would like to avoid daycare as I just feel uneasy and guilty thinking about dropping my son off for the day, especially as he nears some key milestones. (But I would like to do daycare when he starts nearing Kindergarten in a couple of years.)

    Right now he is very unhappy with anyone except us. I've been trying for almost two months to get him OK with my parents but it's still a work in progress - and super exhausting not getting any break!

    Full time nanny is a bit pricey, though, and it would push our budget to the limit, though it seems the most reasonable. SO is suggesting part-time nanny for half days and we "figure out afternoons" which is just going to turn into me looking after DS the other half of the day and I'm not confident I can do both things at once as he is just so demanding of attention at all times.

    What would you do? What did you do if you were in this situation? What do you wish you did if you had gone through this and have some lessons learned?

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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